Get Great Face on Your Lunch Break

I have been in need of a facial for a while now, in fact my last one was about 8 months ago. I usually feel a bit guilty about taking half a day to pamper myself, plus the expense is tough for me to justify. I was able to experience a new solution to both these... read more

What’s New: eraclea skincare

Beauty and great skin go hand in hand, and not taking care of your skin is equal to arriving at the fountain of youth, and then refusing to take a drink. Most ladies and gents know the importance of a healthy and consistent skincare routine, but the ever evolving... read more

Your “Maven Moment” Awaits

Danai Shulte and Meredith Morris were tired of rushing through twelve plus clients a day at various Beverly Hills salons and not being able to give each client the attention and quality they deserved, so they opened Maven Beverly Hills. At this new contemporary... read more