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Places I've been

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Glam Girl’s Guide To Surviving Camping

When you go traveling, a lot of people struggle to find accommodation which allows them to stay in the thick of the amazing surroundings. Therefore, they might consider camping as a way to ensure they are close to the beach or the mountains. But when you are a glam... read more

Meet Me In St Louis!

The historic city of St Louis, located on the border of Missouri and Illinois is a wonderful place to take a vacation. But what exactly should you do when you get there? Well, read on to get the full lowdown on where to eat, where to visit, and what to see. Key... read more

The National Parks of the Caribbean

When you think of the Caribbean you probably think of the beautiful beaches: the white sands, the blue seas and the blazing sun. You probably think about how wonderful it would be to visit any number of the Caribbean islands and just, well, do nothing on the beach all... read more

Exploring Ghana: If Music Be The Food Of Love

Ghana, situated on the western side of Africa, is one of the most culturally rich places in the world.  It is a fun, vibrant and friendly place and one of the safest parts of Africa for tourists.  Here’s a quick look at some of the things that make Ghana a must visit... read more

Exploring Los Angeles: The Last Bookstore

Travelers to LA will enjoy a trip to the The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles. Owner Josh Spencer created this magical, 22,000 sq. ft. space in old bank building, complete with marble columns and giant doors. The store features used books, a record shop, and a... read more

Beautiful Locations to Rent a Villa Abroad

Most of us have a lifelong dream to leave the UK and retire to an exotic location abroad. But why wait until you’re old and less mobile? Even if you don’t have the funds to buy a holiday home abroad, renting one is always an option, giving you that homely feel that... read more

The Best Wine Regions To Visit In America

Most of us love the occasional glass of wine. Unfortunately, with our busy lives, this is usually indulged in at a local restaurant or home when the kids have gone to bed. The wine industry is pretty darn big and so is wine tourism. So how about next time you’re... read more