There’s nothing like feeling beautiful on a Friday night, especially when that dose of refinement is provided by the top beauty brands in the world. www.beautypress.com,  The Largest International PR Network For The Beauty Industry, invited bloggers, editors and fabulous beauty gurus out for a night of taste testing both the decadent delicacies provided by [...]

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Paris in the fall? London in the autumn? Where would you rather be? There may be no place like home, but there’s also nowhere like Europe. At TGIFguide we’re big fans of anything that makes life, especially traveling life, easier. With Eurostar, the high-speed train between the UK and mainland Europe, there’s no other means of [...]

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The Broadway Pavilion at the San Diego pier was transformed into the setting of the third annual Fashion Week San Diego. The event showcased 34 designers from around the world, starting with the art and beauty behind fashion and ending with the Sunday Trunk show where attendees could pre-order the designs they saw on the [...]

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There’s nothing like spending a gorgeous Saturday afternoon with Megumi O Sunglasses at the former Warner Brother’s Estate! My favorite #nocheektouch sunglasses designer invited me to the celebrity-filled event, in support of  the Children Uniting Nations Organization and it was an invite I was happy to accept While browsing Pop-Up Shops By Young & Reckless Clothing, Five [...]

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After forwarding this event to multiple girlfriends, it has become more and more apparent that our industry needs an event like this one. It all started when I was connected to the fabulous Gretchen Hydo who invited me to the event and in turn introduced me to its founder, the unstoppable Karen Michelle. Connecting with [...]

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At TGIFguide, we love a good contest, and we love a good sock just the same! Why not tell the world what you love…. on a sock, and just for being so awesome and expressing yourself, you could win $5000! It’s time to get creative. What do you love? Guinea pigs? Chalupas? Space ships? Whatever [...]

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