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Clean out your closet and support charity sounds like a win win to me. Many of us are familiar with Goodwill or the local shelter but now you can send in gently used designer duds to Union and Fifth, with little effort and big charitable impact. Let’s be honest, don’t you want that once loved [...]

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What do you get when you mix flour, butter and salt? A delicious croissant, that’s what! These three basic ingredients may be key in crafting the iconic French pastry, but not just anybody can whip up something that’s worth going back for day after day. Not only does L’Amande create custom croissants right in their [...]

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Recently, I had the fabulous opportunity to experience 55 Thousand Dresses, thanks to Fashion Week San Diego founder and friend, Allison Andrews. After the short drive to Gardena from LA I saw a large white warehouse that seemed more fitting for apparel production than for a showroom. However, when I entered there was a nice [...]

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Some say all that glitters is gold, I say all that glitters is EVERYTHING and what better time of year than now to add a little glitz to your style? 2015 is meant to be a glamorous year, baby!  Sparkling clutches, beautiful diamonds, fabulous shoes and shimmery makeup. I’m so stoked to be a curator [...]

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When President Obama goes to Israel, he stays with Dan Hotels. So do Bill and Hilary Clinton, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, and yours truly, TGIFguide!  Whether you’re a dignitary or diva, traveling with your family or alone in wanderlust, Dan Hotels is the ultimate in luxurious travel opportunities for business and pleasure, and [...]

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We all dream of looking like our favorite celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to strut around wearing designer accessories and dripping in enough jewels to sink the Titanic?! Whilst we might not all be able to afford it, any fashionista can bring our own sense of luxurious celebrity style to the outfits she already owns. With [...]

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