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3 Tricks for De-stressing While Traveling

Traveling is the closest most of us get to living out the dreams we feed during our normal 9-5’s in the office, walking around our home towns, or grabbing a coffee in the city. When we travel we get to let loose of our normal restraints and inhibitions, let our hair... read more

NYC Spotlight: SoHo Shopping Guide

Hey TGIFguide readers! If you’re like us, you probably can’t resist a stop in the Big Apple over the holidays. There’s nothing like a SoHo sale! Here’s your guide to what’s new in SoHo retail—including holiday pop-ups—and noteworthy permanent... read more

Style From Around The World

Style is something very unique to an individual and it helps to define their personality. It is a way of expressing thoughts and feelings through the outside, and it makes you, you. If we look at style from all over the globe, this is no different- and in fact you can... read more

What To Do With Your Malaysian Stopover

If you’ve ever been on a long-haul flight, you will know that nearly every single one of them has a stopover somewhere in the world. It may sound like an inconvenience, but you should look upon it as an opportunity in cultural experience that you may never have again!... read more