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Nail The Boho Look This Summer With These Tips!

One look that never gets old during the summer months is the boho look. Relaxed yet stylish, chill but fun, the boho look perfect for relaxing, running errands or attending festivals. These tips will help you nail it every time: Look For Real Vintage Items       Real... read more

How To Make The Most Of Your City Vacation

There’s nothing quite like the hustle and bustle of a big city. Shops are open late, and there is no end to the number of bars and eateries. A vacation in the city is a great contrast to a beach holiday. The next time you’re planning a vacation to the city, make the... read more

Most Beautiful European Capitals: Belgrade

When talking about European capital tours, what most people have in mind are Paris, London and Rome (in that particular order). However, there is so much more that the Old Continent has to offer, and all you need to do is start thinking just a bit outside the box.... read more

How to Start a Life of Luxury in a New Country

A lot of people get fed up of their home and dream of living elsewhere. Starting a new life in a different country could change your whole perspective. If you’re thinking about moving away, one of the things you can consider is looking for somewhere to live the... read more