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When is a fast food restaurant NOT a fast food restaurant?  WHEN IT IS CHRONIC TACOS! Boasting over 30 locations in the Western U. S. and Canada, and growing rapidly, Chronic Tacos excites the palate with its fresh authentic California-inspired Mexican grill recipes going back three generations and its edgy and playful restaurant design. The […]

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Travel is best when done on a whim if you ask me. Taking the risk of going somewhere you’ve never been, surrounding yourself with the unfamiliar, and ultimately discovering new things about yourself never fails to motivate you for greater things in the whole of your life. When it comes to new people you meet on […]

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I love stylish items with a purpose. Recently I have come across some pretty nifty accessories every woman needs. First, solving the age old problem of that ugly ponytail holder on your wrist is Bittersweet. I am sure you long haired girls can relate, you hate the look of that hair band but you also […]

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Jewelry is an essential part to any woman’s outfit. Whether it’s a special occasion or part of your workwear,  jewelry can make or break your outfit. You might enjoy going over the top with your accessories, or maybe you prefer an understated look instead. No matter what your style is, every woman should build a versatile […]

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Are you thinking about planning your first skiing trip but are unsure of where to start? With so much to organise and so many ski resorts to choose from, it’s natural that any new skier would have a hard time planning a trip. The good news is that because there are so many fantastic ski […]

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Is your wardrobe sorely lacking sophistication? If so, here are some ways to remedy that. Buy Corduroy Trousers — There’s not a huge variety of trousers out there. You either have the very formal options or the very casual options such as jeans. Sometimes, you need something that’s in between those two options. That’s where corduroy […]

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