A newcomer in the Wine Cab family 

Frustrated by the pandemic lockdowns, travelers are now making up for it! In 2023,  tourism is doing well, but it has evolved considerably: the trend is towards  authenticity, originality, and exploration of territories. Starting with the Bordelais,  a renowned French wine region. 

Saint-Émilion, Médoc, Pessac-Léognan… With Wine Cab, traveling the wine  routes becomes a magical experience, a journey off the beaten path, as it takes  place on board a London cab. A hit concept! Carried by a strong demand, Wine  Cab expands its “cab-family” by adding two new vintage and fun vehicles: the  Citroën 2CV and the VW Kombi.

Everyone’s favorite “two steam horse” 

The famous 2CV needs no introduction! Emblematic of the “French lifestyle”, it  was extremely popular in the 60s. So much so that it even appeared in one of the  James Bond movies! (“For Your Eyes Only”, with Roger Moore and Carole Bouquet).  Its charm comes from its unique design, its adventurous and rural spirit… A  deliciously vintage car, a crowd pleaser, an invitation to live a unique and  unforgettable “retro-tour”.

Group travel in style, thanks to the “Kombi” 

You are more than welcome to enjoy your wine route as a group! With friends or  colleagues, from 4 to 8 people, discover the best Grand Cru wines, take part in  oenology workshops and live an extraordinary experience. One look at the VW Type  2 is a peek into a whole new world of freedom, dreams and escape! This  legendary vehicle alone embodies the Flower Power movement, surf culture, trips  to the other side of the world, van life… It is the ambassador of authentic journeys  and openness to others.

Wine Cab: a new concept of Wine Tour aboard an  English cab 

Wine Cab is above all a state of mind, a “slow life” philosophy that invites you to  see the world differently… including when it comes to discovering the vineyards  of Bordeaux. Welcomed as distinguished guests, holidaymakers live a timeless  experience, aboard an English cab (a Fairway FX4) that will take them to meet  passionate producers. They are invited to taste the greatest wines of Bordeaux,  introduced to prestigious appellations as well as lesser known little gems. The  friendly driver offers customized or classic tours, with beautiful addresses usually  known only to the region’s “happy few”.

The tastings in the car, unique in the Bordeaux region, will leave a lasting  impression by their originality and their quality. And to make each tour  unforgettable, each participant leaves with a souvenir road book with Polaroid  photos… chic, but not fussy. Wine Cab’s little extra: a friendly guide in each  domain, who shares “house secrets” and proposes tastings directly at the barrel or  at the vat. 

About Antoine Beucher, the founder

After studying at a journalism school (French Press Institute, IFP) and obtaining a  degree in Economics, Antoine Beucher worked as a presenter for a local TV station  in Toulouse and then worked for 30 years as the manager of an event agency. In 2010, when he moved to Bordeaux, this wine lover naturally wanted to visit the  châteaux. 

 “I tested a tour proposed by a local agency, but I was not convinced: the tour  was too conventional, it lacked originality. Then one day in Paris, I hopped into an  English cab… Eureka!”

Creative by nature and always on the lookout for new concepts to seduce the BtoB  clientele, he then founded Wine Cab. An innovative concept, which allows  everyone to experience an unforgettable moment, and which fits perfectly with  Antoine’s motto: “dare to be ‘offbeat’ to get noticed!” Today, Wine Cab’s ambition  is to offer more and more choices of offbeat vehicles (Kombi, 2CV, Cadillac…) so  that everyone can live an authentic experience during an unforgettable Wine Tour  in Bordeaux. Thereafter, Wine Cab will expand its concept to other wine regions.

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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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