Places I’ve been



Places I've been

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Embracing The Cali Culture

When choosing a place for your next location, it would be easy to think about the places with the best weather, or those with the best food, or even the city with your favourite music. All of these things make for a great break and can be summed up with one work;... read more

Manage Your Money In Miami

So, you’ve got your eye on a vacation to Miami? This luxurious corner of Florida is a tourist haven, and it’s easy to see why. The Cuban influence and touch of glamor make this the perfect setting. You’ll get to enjoy guaranteed sunshine, white sand beaches, and a... read more

How To Do Texas Right

It might not be one of America’s most popular travel destinations, but we think it is certainly worth visiting the state of Texas. The Lone Star State is known for many stereotypes, including cowboys and cattle ranches, but there is also so much more to this awesome... read more