If there’s one thing that we all enjoy, it’s a great family vacation. They form some of the highlights of our year, and most households will already be planning for their 2016 escape.

It doesn’t matter where you are heading, preparation is essential. With the right planning, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your best ever trip. Some items are clearly more important than others. As long as you follow these tips accordingly, you should be just fine.

Plan Travel — The journey itself might not feel like a massive part of the holiday. Traveling with children can be particularly challenging. You must take the appropriate steps to make life easier on your little loved ones.

Apart from anything else, a bad outward journey will have you fearing the return trip. This can quickly destroy any enthusiasm for the vacation. Quite frankly, depressed parents will harm the children’s level of enjoyment too.

Pick Accommodation — Another crucial aspect that gets commonly overlooked is the accommodation. Adults can often settled for very basic facilities. Young travelers need to be kept safe and entertained, though. Choosing a dirty and insecure hotel could be the worst decision you ever make.

The top priorities should be location, cleanliness and entertainment. A great kids’ club can play a huge role in making the trip more enjoyable for everyone. Do not underestimate its importance.

Image Source : Huffington Post

Image Source : Huffington Post

Choose Luggage — Buying new clothing is a key aspect of the pre-holiday planning. Even people that aren’t materialistic love this part of the trip as it build excitement for the adventures ahead.

However, it can also play an integral role in allowing your family to achieve more on holiday. Practical travel gear will prepare you for the vacation of a lifetime. Meanwhile, it’s important to choose baggage  accordingly too. Particularly if you want to take on physical challenges.

Select Itinerary — A little spontaneity is fantastic, especially on holiday. On the other hand, your time is the destination is limited. You do not want to miss out on the top attractions due to a lack of planning. Whether it’s trying activities or immersing yourself in a culture of music and food doesn’t matter. Making the most of your time here is a must.

There are various tips to help you organize those excursions and adventures. It might feel like an added responsibility prior to the trip. But if it helps you gain more from the trip, it has to be a worthwhile precaution. Besides, booking early will often save you money too.

Hire A Car — Hiring a car isn’t always necessary on holiday. This is especially true when travelling in an all adult party. When kids are involved, though, this is something that will almost certainly benefit your trip.

Traveling on public transport can be physically and mentally tiring. It can also be a little daunting for children. If nothing else, a private vehicle opens up your options for excursions and other items too. Moreover, the flexibility can make you feel safer too. Now if that doesn’t improve your holiday, I don’t know what will.


Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.