Style is something very unique to an individual and it helps to define their personality. It is a way of expressing thoughts and feelings through the outside, and it makes you, you. If we look at style from all over the globe, this is no different- and in fact you can see a huge diversity of styles and fashions in regions all over the world.

London: Dressing Up And Down

In London, the style is incredibly daring. Like the people who reside in this city, the fashion is diverse, fits each person uniquely and can really make a daring statement. You may see people walking around wearing a tee shirt with a silk camisole over the top; or an evening dress at 9 am in the morning with a leather jacket and boots. London’s style is about pushing the boundaries and setting trends. Everyone loves finding a crazy vintage piece and adding that to their ensemble, or clashing prints.

Spain: Styled By The Sea

Spanish fashion is diverse and features a range of different styles within its boundaries. Madrid is well-known for it’s sleek, clean style- whereas if you go to Barcelona you will see a much more colourful, laidback approach to fashion. Spain’s style is largely influenced by the Mediterranean Sea- and you can see that the flowing materials and light colours are perfect for this country’s unique footprint on the fashion world.

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Hong Kong: A Mash-Up

As you will notice with many areas of China, Hong Kong boasts an inventive style which will usually involve mixing high-end pieces with more vintage or ‘kitch’ items. They stay in trend by accessorising with locally and independently designed pieces of jewelry and other accessories. Because the city is a hub for employees all over the world to come- it mashes up style from all over the globe into one unique design. You’ll see plenty of chunky scarves and hipster style, as well as Scandinavian design and even style from Russia.  

Canada: The Activewear Look

Canada is like the USA’s much more laid back cousin, they get things done and they don’t care too much for the high-end fashion you’d see on the runways in the big cities of the USA. Canada is full of national parks, mountains, forests and oceans- and because of this, Canadians like to keep their dress-sense sensible and practical. They will wear sporty clothes or even activewear on a day-to-day basis because it is much easier and they will benefit from staying comfortable. Those who do want to add that extra element of fashion will pair their sporting attire with a leather jacket or a bomber jacket.  

Berlin: A Mix Of Everything

Berlin is another fairly international hub, with influences drawn from all four corners of the globe. Because of this we will see plenty of different mashups of style and some very daring looks. Berlin has a very open spirit, and it’s fashion style very much coordinates with this theme. There are plenty of fun hats and accessories to pair with outfits, no end in the prints and fabrics paired together; and an all-round open armed approach to style. If you feel like going out in your chunkiest jumper and some pyjama pants, go ahead. You won’t be judged.  

Paris: Fringes

In Paris, they have an obsession with fringe. You’ll see it on jackets, dresses, tops, bags and even skirts. Parisians are naturally quite athletically built, so they like to experiment with adding different textures to their fashion to bring out that extra element of shape.

Sydney: Monochromatic

You may think of Aussies being quite out there with their clothing choices and going for bright colours and a mix of patterns, but it is actually the total opposite that you will see in this city. These people love coordinating sets- they love to stick black on black and white on white. Their style is very clean and simple, which contrasts with their colourful personalities. If they do choose to wear a color, it will often be paired with white or black.

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San Francisco: 90’s throwback

You may have noticed throughout this year that 90’s style is back in. You’ll have seen the signature grungy long skirts and shirts, plenty of baseball jackets and sporting accessories, and plenty of bright color. San Francisco in particular is making the most of this trend and they have a very hippie attitude towards clothing. They don’t want to be buying a new wardrobe every season- they would rather use their old style or even borrow their parents’ old clothes. It’s all about making the most of the style in the past and staying green at the same time.

Image via WhoWhatWear

Scandinavian Style

You’ve probably already noticed that this clean, sleek and modern style has taken over many of our homes- and now it’s coming for our fashion too. Scandinavian style is much like their interior design: cleverly picked, hand-crafted and sleek. They effortlessly pull off straight trousers and slouchy tees, and they don’t care much for high heels and crazy prints and patterns. If you did want to spice up a Nordic outfit- you would get a statement piece of jewellery, for example you can see these Viking style pieces if you Click! They make every day comfortable style look effortlessly fashionable with their willowy figures, clean colours and comfortable fabrics. If you want a place where your white tee and jeans arealays in fashion, then here’s where you should go.

Dublin: Street Fashion

As you would expect, the fashion style in dublin matches the climate: which most of the time is fairly chilly. Layers are a thing in this part of the world- and layering up a tee under a cardigan and a jacket, with a chunky knit scarf is the style you will see. People in Dublin will look at highstreet and high-end brands- however the city has a buzzing atmosphere within its streets and you will be able to find lots of independent designers and stores. Because of this, Irish style is very much tailored to each individual within its walls.


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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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