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Captivating Colorado

Colorado is one of the most diverse states in the US that you will visit. One minute you could be walking through desert like conditions, the next you could be in the most beautiful national park with lakes the mesmerize you. Because if there’s one thing that Colorado... read more

In Bed (and more) with The Breast Whisperer

I tried The Breast Whisperer bra and it  was very comfortable for sleeping. Athough it had a sports bra look, it didn’t dig in my shoulders like a sports bra typically does. It was also more breathable than I imagined. I know the bra was made for augmented... read more

A Happy Holiday with Georgos Wine

I love going home for the holidays, don’t you?! Ever since I was blessed and became an Auntie, I’ve made it a point to get home to New Mexico as much as I possibly can! Given it was the holiday season, I had time to make the drive from LA to Farmington.... read more

Best Stopover Airports For Speed Tourism

Everybody loves traveling. But nobody really enjoys being on a long flight or having a stopover before reaching their destination. For most holidaymakers, a stopover is the equivalent of inviting your in-laws to dinner: It’s something you have to do so that things can... read more

Design Miami at Art Basel

Design Miami/ completed its 13th edition this weekend, following six days of more than 38,000 visits by the collectible design world’s top collectors, curators and members of museum leadership. Themes of past and future, of optimism and philanthropy ran through this... read more