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Into The Valley… Silicon Valley!

When people mention Silicon Valley what’s the first thing that comes to mind? People carrying laptops? But before the iPod, this area between San Jose and San Francisco was probably more iChill than anything else, but even now you can find places in Silicon... read more

Weekends Are Precious: How to Make the Most of Them

When you work all the hours God sends during the week, the weekends are your only chance to really let loose. It’s important to enjoy yourself and spend time relaxing. When you only have two days a week to make the most of life, sometimes you have to plan ahead so you... read more

How To Be The Belle Of The Ball On A Budget

Whenever we have an important event to attend such as a friend’s wedding or the newest godchild’s christening, we immediately reach for the latest fashion blogs to inspire us. We assume that we need to purchase a new outfit that in all probability will only be worn... read more

How To Make Travel Less Stressful

Most of go on vacation to relax, but the process of getting somewhere can cause a lot of stress and panic that can put you of ever traveling anywhere again! Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, something will disrupt your careful planning and organisation and... read more

Your 4 Step Guide To Traveling To England

Traveling to anywhere within the United Kingdom is an exciting time, but for those that don’t have the time to explore the four countries that make it up, they usually stick to England. There’s a lot that this place has got to offer, with over 60 million people making... read more

Freedom Beckons: Florida Road Trip Ideas

If the success of your vacation hinges on the presence of glorious sunshine, beautiful scenery, and fun experiences, you will relish the opportunity to embark on a road trip across the state of Florida. From the well-known tourist havens of Miami and Disney World to... read more