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African Adventures to Put on Your Bucket List

Africa is a continent that is steeped in natural wonders and beauty. However, it’s also a place that very few people turn into a holiday destination—and it’s a missed opportunity. Africa has some of the world’s most beautiful lakes, beaches and even mountains. It’s a... read more

Advice Every Traveler Needs Before Jetting Into New York

I love New York City. After all, it’s such a vibrant and fun city with so much to do. In fact, it’s not surprising that around 50 million tourists visit the city every year. But with so much to do, it can leave people feeling perplexed about what should be on their... read more

California: Visiting The Golden State

California rose to wealth and power throughout the gold rush. The rivers in the area provided vast amounts of money to people who settled there, creating some of the biggest and grandest cities the USA has to offer. Known as the Golden State, it’s easy to see why... read more

How To Take The Vacation Of A Lifetime

Have you been carefully squirrelling away money for years in preparation for the vacation of a lifetime that you’ve always intended to take one day? Well, that ‘one day’ is finally here – life is short so you have to make it as good and exciting as you can, so... read more