Berd Vay’e is well-known for creating unique Lucite® sculptures, using rare parts from vintage watches that are between 50 and 100 years old. These stunning pieces appeal to not only watch enthusiasts, but also art lovers and fans of all things vintage.

Their latest creation, “Bright Idea”, showcases the intricacy of watchmaking. This extraordinary sculpture takes the shape of a vintage light bulb, filled with disassembled pieces of old watch movements. This design gives a new life to these vintage components, allowing them to be appreciated once more.

The team at Berd Vay’e, based in New York, regards vintage timepieces as an artistic method of storytelling. Each timepiece narrates the tale of its creation, reflecting the craft and laborious handwork that went into it. With their emphasis on vintage components, Berd Vay’e underscores the value of preserving and understanding the historical roots of watchmaking. Their latest masterpiece, “Bright Idea”, is a testament to this vision.

Berd Vay’e, founded by Eddie Kurayev and Albert Akbashev, owes its latest unique creation, Bright Idea, to their shared fascination with light. Both founders harbor a deep interest in how light plays a crucial role in creating a unique ambiance. This mutual curiosity sparked the inspiration for their latest masterpiece, Bright Idea, a sculpture that truly stands out.

The concept behind Bright Idea is both intriguing and nostalgic. This vintage-inspired piece pays tribute to a time when incandescent bulbs were common – an era now replaced by the advent of LED technology. This transformation, marked by the government’s ban on the vintage light bulbs, adds an element of historical relevance to their latest creation.

Eddie Kurayev, the co-founder and artisan of Berd Vay’e, expresses his excitement about the unveiling of Bright Idea. “We are thrilled to present our extraordinary Bright Idea to the world. We strongly believe that our innovative sculpture will not only beautify any space it adorns but also add a unique character to it.”

Moreover, the team is delighted to announce that Bright Idea will have the honor of being the first piece sold at the prestigious Sotheby’s auction on June 9th. “We are immensely excited and look forward to seeing the response at the auction,” says Albert Akbashev, the other half of the creative powerhouse and co-founder of Berd Vay’e.

This project, which merges art with history, is sure to pique the interest of those who appreciate vintage artifacts and unique works of art, making Bright Idea a truly intriguing addition to any collection.

The “Bright Idea” art piece from Berd Vay’e has a special touch of luxury. It includes an electrical foot switch that casts light throughout the entire sculpture. This feature magnificently illuminates the intricate details of the vintage watch parts preserved within it, effectively bringing the beauty of the past to life.

To enhance the exclusivity of each sculpture, a handmade plaque crafted from pure silver is added. The plaque, shaped like a gear and made from brass, represents an actual watch component. Further uniqueness is added through an individual serial number and a limited production of around 1500 pieces for each sculpture. Moreover, the heft of each piece, weighing 31 pounds, adds to its stately presence.

“Bright Idea” is a work of art crafted with a deep respect for history and an intense love for vintage elegance. Here at Berd Vay’e, our goal is to create art that stimulates the senses, triggers emotions, and tells captivating stories. Our vintage “Bright Idea” is much more than a decorative item. It is a celebration of the past, a tribute to meticulous craftsmanship, and a gentle reminder of the charm and allure of bygone eras.

Retail Pricing

Bright Idea Large: $18,000 Bright Idea Small: $10,800

About Berd Vay’e

Berd Vay’e is the brainchild of artisans Eduard (Eddie) Kurayev and Albert Akbashev. Launched in 2014, it was inspired by their fascination for watchmaking, and the harmony in which watch components work together. They source thousands of vintage watches and watch components from around the globe with the final goal of the preserving their venerable history into objects d’arts. The name “Berd Vay’e” represents a culmination of syllables from the designer’s names, an homage to their each of their personal passions for horology itself.


Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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