I have to admit that the first time I ever tried scotch was with my grandfather – a little Glenlivet on the rocks over the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve since enjoyed sipping on everything from Johnnie Walker to The Macallan as I began to pursue the art of being a scotch drinker.

Leave it to our friends at sbe to put a Hollywood twist on an old guys’ favorite blends. This week at the Library Bar of the Redbury Hotel on Vine, guests were invited to sip scotch like never before. We were welcomed with none other than a chilled glass of “Welcome Punch” and even got to make our own Bobby Burns cocktail at the DIY station! They definitely don’t hire mis-educated bartenders at The Redbury, as each one we had a scotch session with seemed to be more knowledgable and passionate than the last.

Here’s a little overview of our experience complete with photos!

· Welcome Punch – Guests receive a 2oz pour Scottish Tea Punch upon arrival!

· Passbook with Prizing – Guests will receive a Passbook and upon completion of the 5 stations and receipt of the corresponding stamps, they are eligible to enter to win a bottle of Scotch! We will announce two prizes throughout the night.


· Scotch tasting / 101 Room – Glenlivet, Glenmorangie, and Ardbeg wil be poured and each of their regional and unique flavors as well as production methods will be shared. ¼ oz pours.

Passionate bartender and excited audience!

Passionate bartender and excited audience!


Thank goodness they weren’t 2 oz pours!!

· DIY Cocktail Station – We will be featuring a Bobbie Burns stirred cocktail for guests to make and learn about (Made with Scotch, Sweet Vermouth, bitters, Bénédictine – Proper stirring technique as well as various garniture included)!

The DIY must haves!

The DIY must haves!

· Specialty Cocktail Menu – There will be a specialty cocktail menu that includes cocktails: Penecillin, Blood & Sand, and a Scotch Old Fashioned featuring Miracle Mile bitters (Each will be for additional sale at only $10 each)

Super delicious specialty cocktail - are you sure this is scotch?

Super delicious specialty cocktail – are you sure this is scotch?

· Food – Small bites from The Redbury’s restaurant Cleo will be served!


After putting together some fabulous rum tastings and scotch tastings, we can’t wait to see what sbe has in store for the next Cocktail Study!  Cheers!


The boys love TGIFguide =)

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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