Visiting Australia is usually high on most people’s bucket list, and for a good reason. The great weather, fun people, gorgeous food and drink as well as some of the most jaw dropping vistas you can be suspect to all emanate from here. Plus, the sheer novelty of seeing the seasons flipped around is enough for some people to book a flight as soon as they are able.

Once you’ve established your cheap flights to Sydney, you will likely wonder what is best for you to do while you’re over there. Sure, you might have the ambition of heading over there and staying on a beach with some gorgeous ‘sheila’s’ the entire way, but Sydney has much more to offer than activities you have simply seen on the commercials. Here are three of the most wonderful:

Visit The Botanic Gardens          The botanic gardens are not only a place of outstanding natural beauty, but they are a historically important landmark. Historians tend to think this is one of the oldest public gardens  (in the southern hemisphere,) and so that already gives you bragging rights after a visit. Not only that, but it has an amazing list of amenities, including a zoo and an aviary. If you’re tired of the crazy hustle and bustle of the massive city of Sydney, come here to relax and eat your lunch with a partner. The greenery will rejuvenate you and give you the temerity to go and explore the rest of the city with aplomb.

Climb The Sydney Harbour Bridge          For those interested in adventure among you, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a lesson in perspective and nerves. Of course, there is a fantastic and safety focused tour operation running that will allow you to experience the bridge climb in an official and safe way, and this is to what we are referring to. Do not take the heading of this title as an invitation to climb it yourself.

To do so takes a complex rope pulley system and intense safety instruction before you start. However, when you finally get onto the bridge, walking with a trained group will help you feel like you own the world, and the height will give you such an amazing perspective of the city that you’ll never forget it.

Lose Yourself In The Royal National Parks         The Royal National Park is a hugely expansive (15,000 hectares to be precise,) that runs along the southern part of Sydney. Let’s face it, Australia isn’t hurting for spare land. Exploring this amazing expanse can fulfil plenty of your natural adventure needs, such as riding off-road bicycles, hiring a dirt dune buggy, swimming in the shallow waters of simply to relax after a crazy Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, it’s likely that you’ll never want to leave these parks thanks to their intrinsic beauty. We couldn’t blame you.

These tips will help you live the best you can when it comes to your Sydney holiday. Be sure to experience them all, supplemented with a great exploration of its inner city restaurants and shopping districts for the complete and alternate Sydney experience.

Image via Lonely Planet

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.