If you don’t think Minnesota is a forgotten state, you, my friend, are a bona fide traveler. Yessiree Bob, Vasco de Gama would love to shake your hand and say “congrats, son.” Or, you may be a local who doesn’t want an outsider bad mouthing your hometown, which is understandable. Sadly, the truth is that only 30 million people visit the region per year. On average, it’s one of the least popular states in the whole of the USA. Granted, the bad weather has something to do with it because no one wants to walk into a blizzard. But, underneath the tones of snow, there is an incredible view. Here’s what makes Minnesota memorable.

The Twin Cities

The two biggest and most populous cities in the state are Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Whether by coincidence or design, they are next door neighbors, hence the term the Twin Cities. There is plenty to see and do in both, from the History Center to the Capitol building in SP. For a place to stay, the Prime Rate Inn is an excellent base for Minneapolis, which is home to the lakes as well as an amazing collection of art. What really brings the two together, though, is the Midwestern metro. Outside of the east coast, it’s hard to find one in the whole of the US so make sure to take a ride.


Superior And Itasca

These names are references to two of the major lakes in the entire USA. Lake Superior is important because it’s the biggest. In an area called The Great Lakes, it is a pretty awesome achievement. Itasca is smaller, obviously, but it’s no less famous because it’s the headquarters of the Mississippi River. Yes, the water feature that cuts through the heart of the country starts in Minnesota. Saying that you have visited is one thing, but witnessing both on a summer’s day is downright spectacular.


National Football League

Now, you may not be a fan of the NFL or football in general, and this post isn’t going to try and convince you otherwise. But, it is worth noting that the Viking fans are on a different level to the rest of the country. Sure, it could be because they have to chant for four quarters to stay warm. Or, it may be down to the fact they are avid supporters. One thing’s for sure – the franchise reached the NFC Championship game playing great offence. Stefon Diggs’ 61-yard touchdown in the final seconds has to be a highlight.


Peace And Quiet

City dwellers love the hubbub and atmosphere of a packed metropolis. Still, it’s nice to take a break and recharge. Seriously, there ain’t many better places than Duluth, MN. Located on Lake Superior, it’s home to a variety of activities that take the edge off and instill tranquility. There’s canoeing or kayaking on the lake or bird watching. Venture out into the wilderness long enough and you’ll find Mother Nature herself.

What do you think? Is Minnesota now on your American bucket list?


Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.