The west of America captures of the imagination of tourists in a way that is almost unlike anywhere else. As well as iconic natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, you also have world-famous man-made attractions like Hollywood and Las Vegas. In this article, we are going to be running through just a few of them which draw thousands of visitors year after year, grouped by geographical location.



California tends to be the place that inspires American travellers unlike any other place perhaps other than New York. The major cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles are polar opposites in many ways, but both hold a special appeal. Away from the ‘big-hitters’, there are plenty of other appealing destinations including Santa Barbara and San Diego. Move outside of the cities, and you also have incredible natural wonders like Yosemite National Park.



If you are looking to get as far west as possible while still being in the United States, Hawaii is the place to go. And these islands feature sights like beautiful sandy beaches, towering volcanoes, and a culture that feels far removed from the rest of America. Since the weather remains warm all year round, you are a lot less restricted by time of the year than other destinations.


Las Vegas

Vegas feels like it needs to have a section all to itself since it is the kind of destination that fascinates people all around the world. This is the kind of place where the glitz and glamour of the casinos, shows and hotels really take centre stage. Ascend to the top of the Stratosphere and you will see just how isolated the city remains and what a unique destination it truly is. If you are brave of heart, make sure to go on the three rides right at the top!


The Southwest

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The southwest region is a mix of beautiful landscapes, Native American cultures, and a host of National Parks. Right at the top of the list, the Grand Canyon is a natural wonder which you can experience from countless different sides and still be amazed. You also have plenty of bustling cities like Santa Fe, New Mexico, Austin and Phoenix. On top of all this, there are numerous luxury resorts like CopperWynd Resort And Club. Truly a region with a little bit of everything.


The Pacific Northwest

The final region that we are going to be talking about is the Pacific Northwest. The fascinating thing about this area is the fusion of nature and man-made innovation. Some of the coolest cities in America like Portland and Seattle are found right here, while you can escape into nature in places like Mount Rainier and Mount Hood. The region has a growing culinary and wine scene which makes it the perfect destination for food and drink lovers.


As you can see, the American West has every reason to retain its crown as one of the most popular areas of the world to visit.      



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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

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