If you are currently planning your next holiday destination, you will, no doubt, be a bit spoilt for choice. There are so many incredible places all over the world, but one that should definitely be top of your list is Tanzania. From the amazing wildebeest migration to the Maasai people, we reveal the main reasons why Tanzania should be your next holiday destination.

  • Zanzibar – Anyone who visits Tanzania has to make a trip to the archipelago of Zanzibar. This is a place that is awash with idyllic beach experiences, intrigue, and plenty of atmosphere. There is so much to see and discover, offering the perfect setting if you are going on a romantic holiday. As you will discover below, there is so much to see and do in Tanzania itself, so Zanzibar is the ideal place to relax afterwards. The capital of the island is Stone Town, which is where you will most likely arrive and leave from. This is an historic hub for culture and commerce, and so it is a really interesting place in itself. There are plenty of mosques, bathhouses, and crumbling palaces, which tell the story of the area.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro – Of course, we could not mention Tanzania without talking about the obvious, which is Mount Kilimanjaro. There are many mountains in Africa, but this is the king of all of them. It rises approximately 5,895 m from sea level, and is the highest peak in the whole of Africa. Needless to say, you will benefit from the most stunning sights if you climb this dormant volcano. Take a look at Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro – The Only Guide You’ll Need for more information on climbing this colossal volcano. After all, there are so many different routes, and so much that needs to be considered! Planning ahead is the only way to go about it.
  • The wildebeest migration – Not only does Tanzania boast the highest peak in Africa, but it also boasts one of the most incredible visions of wildlife, and this is the wildebeest migration. Every year, millions of wildebeest and thousands of zebras make their annual trip, which starts in Tanzania, moving through the Serengeti National Park, and then through Kenya, and back south again. The vast majority of the migration does take place in Tanzania, so there are plenty of opportunities to see these incredible animals making their trek.
  • The Maasai people – Last but not least, we have the Maasai people. They are amongst one of the most well known tribes in the local area, and this is because they live near the Serengeti National Park, in traditional Maasai villages. Their distinctive dress and customs are what makes them so recognisable, wearing gorgeous beaded jewellery and stunning bright robes. They continue to live in the same way as they have for centuries, without any running water, internet, cell phones, or electricity. Life centres on their cattle, and a man’s wealth is measured in terms of children and cattle. They are truly fascinating and incredible people.

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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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