Throughout the history, women have always tried to find new ways to make themselves prettier.

Beauty needs to be restored every day. There is no such thing as an everlasting moisturizer or once-a-month peeling that will miraculously transform your skin. If you want to maintain a glowing complexion, you better make it a habit to nourish your skin every day.The good thing about building a skincare routine that you can realistically stick to is that after a while, it will become instilled in your life, like brushing your teeth. You’ll find yourself reaching for a toner without thinking twice about it. Beauty trends come and go, but healthy skin is always in style.

Proper face cleaning

It is likely that this additional step of cleaning our face skin is more modern than not. Throughout the day, your face collects all kinds of impurities such as dust, sweat, oil, bacteria, dead skin cells and so on. If you wear makeup, you should already know how important it is to remove it every night. Whether you choose to use a face foam, cleansing gel or simply a bar of soap will largely depend on your skin type. Soap will remove all filthy, but probably dry your skin out. Most commercial soaps will cleanse the skin thoroughly, however they are too harsh for sensitive facial skin. The foams are more gentle, but they require the use of an additional product because they don’t remove makeup completely. Depending on your skin type, you could even consider an oil-based cleanser. Oil will bind makeup leftovers and impurities and remove them while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Using oils on your face is not a new invention – they have been used all throughout history, even by some of the world’s most beautiful women, such as Sophia Loren.


An inevitable step of every face routine is moisturizing. The skin needs it in order to stay fresh, nourished and hydrated. An additional step before applying moisturizer is a toner, which helps sweep away the remaining dirt and has moisturizing properties. Today there is an abundance of face products on the market, but even before the cosmetic industry era, women used all kinds of products to keep their skin healthy and youthful-looking. Romans used to put butter (yes, butter, the one we eat) on their faces to get a soft and youthful skin. It makes a lot of sense, since milk proteins are full of amino acids that help maintain a radiant complexion. Remember Cleopatra and her famous milk baths?



Once a week, you should back your moisturizer up with some kind of facial mask. The home-made ones are the best since they have fresh ingredients and vitamins. Some of the popular ingredients include cucumbers, honey, milk, eggs, lemon juice and mashed berries. The effects are short-lived, but when repeated, they will give your skin all the additional care that wouldn’t be possible to achieve by using moisturizer only.


Having naturally long, thick eyelashes is one of those beauty trends that will never change. In the past, dark eyes and red lips were sought-after. First kohls and mascaras were made by burning a spoon or metal object on a candle and scratching the black matter. Nowadays that seems like far too much trouble. If you are not naturally endowed with beautiful lashes, you can always reach for a subtle extension. With Eyelash extensions Sydney you have a wide range of possibilities, so you can choose the one that suits your taste the best.


Coloring lips is another classic. It was done centuries ago with mulberry juice and animal pigments, and today we have a luxurious little tube of our best companion. If you manage to choose the perfect shade according to for your complexion skin tone, it can become your signature and a low-key way to instantly look put together. Your lipstick should always match your style, not the occasion. If you can pull of a scarlet red colour on a bright sunny day- then more power to you!


If you ever watched Scent of a Women with Al Pacino, you understand how profound this aspect of a women’s appeal is. Every woman has her own, unique scent, which dictates what perfume notes suit her best. Discovering your personal taste in perfumes can take years before you find The One. However, the way of wearing is crucial. The amount of perfume that you wear plays an important role – you don’t want to go overboard and suffocate everyone around you. On the other hand, wearing too little perfume can be too subtle. There are a few well-known methods of wearing the perfect amount of perfume. You can spray the air and then walk through it. That way the perfume will be dispersed evenly on your hair and skin. Other, more efficient way, is putting a few drops on your hairbrush. By doing so, every time you brush your hair, the perfume will leave a subtle trail that will follow you all day long.

Having a consistent beauty routine will not only improve your overall appearance, but more importantly, it will also give you inner strength and confidence.


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