The LAFC collections are always so expertly curated by Kelsi Smith. Not only do the shows start on time, but there is variety, organization and beauty. I am never disappointed by the amazing talents of the the designers that show at this Makers City LA location. Before and after the shows, Fashion kept everyone hydrated or dehydrated depending on your drink of choice.

[highlight color=”blue”] LINDEN [/highlight]

Linden is the line from designer Jennifer Lynn, she concentrates on using as many local and sustainable materials as possible. The garment construction is also of very high quality which adds to the length of the wearability, making it a great juxtaposition to the fast fashion trend of disposable clothing. In addition I love that the designer is striving to empower women to embrace their shape through her chic effortless ensembles. The presentation of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection began with two models walking out in high waited black shorts and brallet tops. Each model went to a hanging rack of clothing and proceeded to get dressed. I believe it was a perfect way to show how all the pieces in the collection could be worn and almost all were interchangeable with one another.





[highlight color=”blue”] William Bradley [/highlight]

I had the opportunity to chat with Brad Parnell of the design duo William Bradley about the influence and inspiration of the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Brad described that the collection had both a masculine-feminine vibe and there were small love knots in the collection as a tip to the couple’s impeding nuptials in the Fall. In my opinion the collection exuded warmth and a modern twist on an 1800s English aesthetic.




[highlight color=”blue”] Welcome Companions [/highlight]

Designer, Laurel Broughton, shared her line Welcome Companions at a table in the designer viewing area. Immediately, I was drawn to the egg and toast motif luggage tag attached to a well constructed black leather bag. I have no doubt these bags are illuminating secret,as well as, big pearly white smiles wherever they are carried.  Like their name I was “Charmed” by these cute little bags. You can find the purse in the picture Here.

Me and Charmed bag

[highlight color=”blue”] Stella Proseyn [/highlight]

Clean lines with a city style is how I would categorize the Fall 2015 collection of Stella Progeny. The designer was able to keep the sharp lines feminine by adding lace and cuts that exposed just the right amount of skin.

IMG_7654 IMG_7653


[highlight color=”blue”] Michael Ngo [/highlight]

Ngo defiantly put the SHOW in fashion show. Michael wanted to capture the distinct style of voguing originally harnessed by the House of Ninja by incorporating stealth, strength and precision into the runway performance. My favorite thing about the collection was the great use of texture and materials. Also, I am a big fan of leather/vegan leather and studs  so this collection easily won me over. While it is not the most wearable collection the audience defiantly had the most fun at this show.

Written by gaileichhorn