If you are looking for inspiration for your next holiday, you have definitely come to the right place.  Whether you are looking for something active or time for tanning on a white sandy beach, Italy can offer you this and so much more. There are so many beautiful and historic areas of Italy waiting to be explored, and getting on your bike might just be the best way to do it!

For those of you who aren’t quite as fit you’d dream, there are still plenty of tours of Italy you can undertake. Slower paced, and lesser inclines could be just the ticket to enjoying the stunning landscape of the passionate country. You can choose the routes you take, or you can do a web search for hookedon cycling holidays in Italy to find the tour that suits you best, and you can also select the level of accommodation you are after.


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If you are looking for somewhere to stay that is central to the area you wish to explore, you can simply cycle out in the morning, returning to your base each night for a meal. Choose anything you like, from a campsite or hostel to a hotel or Bed and Breakfast. There are plenty of choices in Italy to suit all needs. Alternatively, you can cycle with direction in mind, making stops each evening in a different place. This is a great way to discover more of this beautiful country and to make better ground.

If you’re a passionate cyclist, you may prefer to take your own racing bikes along instead of renting one. Hiring a hybrid bike can certainly make your cycling through more mountainous regions a little easier. But then again, sometimes the point of visiting these places is to get the ultimate workout. If you are cycling in Italy to make the most of its terrain, there are plenty of stop off points. Book a tour with a challenging route, or make up your journey as you travel. There is still plenty to see once you are in the zone.

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Cycling can be hard work in some areas of Italy, but there are plenty of areas where the scenery is magnificent, and the terrain is ripe for a bike ride. The rural areas around Venice are so beautiful in their untouched state. You can stay on a barge while you cycle the main canal routes or venture further away. This area is nice and quiet, and easy going on the legs. Then, of course, is Venice itself. This unique city is better suited to a boat, but park your bike up and take it in before you move on. To experience Venice is incredible, and you will not regret giving the bike a couple of hours rest before heading back to your accommodation. The Venetian Lagoon is another area where you may want to stop and rest for a while, taking in the beauty and making the most of this natural habitat for rare species.

For cycling at any time of year, the island of Sardinia cannot be beaten. The climate here is wonderful for outdoor enthusiasts, and the island itself has so many wonderful terrains for your to try out on your bicycle. There is plenty to see on this island, with or without your bike, but to cycle through the different areas is a real treat. Sardinia is renowned for its wonderful sandy beaches and coastline, so taking a stop for a beach day could be a great rest for you and the bike. There are also many historical places to visit on your tour. Take in ruins of a Roman amphitheater, or the beautiful architecture of the museums and art gallery.

It is possible to take a lovely route from Pisa to Florence on the bicycle as well. You can choose from very easy tracks to challenging routes that take on some of the most breathtaking countryside views. Take in the Certosa of Calci monastery with its world famous Natural History Museum. The whole area is steeped in a rich history, and there is much evidence of it for you to see. You can stop off at the Piazza Anfiteatro, which is a Roman amphitheater and visit Vinci, dedicated to the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci. There are so many routes through these wonderful sites. You can pick easy routes, quick routes, or rugged and challenging longer routes. With so much to see and do, and so many paths to follow, this particular area of Italy is a cyclist’s dream.

To really get to know the ancient cultures of Italy, start your cycle tour down in Sicily. Dating back to the ancient Greeks, you will find so many ancient relics and religious centers. This area also has particularly splendid beaches and clear waters, so find the time to stop off for a rest on the coast. The Doric temple at Segesta is 2500 years old but almost perfectly intact. This is just one of the many spectacular sites to see in Sicily. Arabian invasions bring a unique flavor to this region, and the architecture in the area is reflective of that. Sicily also has a lovely climate for cycling and some of the best scenery for your bike tour of Italy.

Whichever parts of Italy you choose to cycle through, you will not be disappointed by  it. The climate lends itself to cyclists, and the terrain can be as challenging as you choose. There are many beautiful coastal routes and many simple journeys between stunning cities. There are also rugged coastal tracks and more mountainous tours to test your skill and stamina as a serious cyclist. Take a tour, or just keep riding until you find a place you want to stop at. The choice is yours. Some areas have patchy mobile phone signal, so be sure to take an alternative way to navigate if you are not booking a formal tour.

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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