Do you find yourself at a crossroads right now? Perhaps you are unsure about what direction to take life. Often in January we really can start to question our motive on things. You may be really unhappy in your job and wonder whether this career you are in is right for you. Maybe you want some adventure in your life, want to experience new things or see some different places in the world. January, while great for all of the motivation and inspiration it brings with a fresh start, can also leave you rather down in the dumps as you start to contemplate what life is all about.

However, January can also be a great time to make some long term decisions on your future. You can really begin to plan your year and make some plans on what you want to do in your life. It may be a career change, it may be just doing something completely out of the norm for you, which could involve moving away to another country. The thought of living somewhere new can be rather exciting. A chance to work in a very different environment maybe, or live within a different culture where you learn and experience new things. It could even be the chance to live in a warmer climate where you can really change your lifestyle. So if moving abroad to a different country sounds like the best plan for you, then here are some of the things you will need to consider before you step on that plane with your one way ticket.

Decide on the destination you want to go

Now you have the idea in your head surely one of the most exciting decision to consider would be the place you want to go. This could be something you have had in your mid for some time, or perhaps it is somewhere that you have had on your bucket list for a while now and see it as the perfect chance to go and do it. Places like Indonesia, Asia, Australia and the USA are always popular destinations. There are always different guidelines for different countries. There might be stipulations on what you can do, visas and entering into the country as well. So it is definitely worth taking in all of this when you are weighing up your options. A good idea is to use websites like to look at videos online of different countries. There are plenty of people who share videos about their lives, and this could be a realistic insight into how it is to live in a particular country. You could also watch TV documentaries as well.


What about where you will stay and how to go about it

Another thing to consider would be where you might stay and how you might go about it in terms of renting or lease, longer stays in hotels maybe or even mixing things up a little and combining the two. Of course, there is something quite nice about living self-catering, where you can gain some form of routine by cooking your own food at times, washing clothes, and a quick look online at websites like could highlight some of the great options avilable to you in all sorts of countries like Indonesia, for example. This could quickly identify the type of option you might want to consider for your future accommodation, depending on your length of stay and what you plan on doing. However, you may also like the idea of hotel living, as you don’t need to worry about any day to day tasks like cleaning and cooking. A good option would be to mix up the two, and take some time out in hotels and treat that as your “holiday” part where as the other time you can actually be experiencing normal life in another country. Which could be providing the experience you are really after. The options are endless, so make sure you decide on the best thing for you and your family.


Do you plan on working whilst living there?

Another thing you really need to think about when it comes to extended holidays is what you might do with your time. Will you be spending it sight seeing and experiencing a different country as a tourist or do you want to work and experience life out there in a different working environment? Of course, the main thing to think about would be the money side of things. Which could be the biggest incentive to actually do some work while enjoying your time away. You need to ensure that you can afford to stay out there and often working can help supplement your living expenses enabling you to enjoy everything you want to while you are away. However, ensure that you obtain the right visas or permissions to work before doing it to avoid getting in to any kind of trouble.

The power of lists and how they can help you

Before you go you may find that you feel completely and utterly overwhelmed as the days are counted to departure day, and that is to be expected. You are going to be excited about your next adventure and chapter in your life. So lists will definitely become your friends as you navigate through the tasks you need to complete before setting foot on that plane. Make sure you write everything down, and continue to do it. A great tip is to have a pad and pen nearby, and every time something comes to mind write it down, and everytime you complete something cross it off, when you finish the page go onto the next and re-write what was left on the previous list and keep adding to it. It may sound like you are being over the top, but the method of rewriting will also reaffirm that the particular task needs to be done at some point.


You need to do plenty of research ahead of time

Once you have made your decision you may suddenly feel elated, but this is when the really hard work comes in. You have to finally do some research, not just on what you will do when you are there, where you will stay and live, but also other factors such as how much it will cost to live out there, and how much you may need to spend each day. Another great tip is to share your exciting news online. Putting a status on things like Facebook will allow your friend sot comment. Who knows, one of them may have travelled to that destination which means they can then advise on some of the burning questions you have. Facebook is also good for things like groups, which could help you meet like-minded people from similar backgrounds and places that also have chosen to live in the country you have chosen. This could help you create a great support network ahead of actually going. Social media is brilliant for things like this.


Could a healthy lifestyle change benefit you before going?

Heading away to live somewhere new maybe really exciting, but you might also need to think about your current habits and lifestyle. You may also want to use the time being away to really let your hair down and enjoy yourself. So why not use the time waiting until departure day to go on a real health kick? Exercising more maybe, eating a better diet. You will certainly feel your best for this new chapter in your life, that is for sure.


Take a trip to the doctor for a full check up

Another thing to add to your list is to go to your doctor to get a full health check. The last thing you want is to be in a foreign country and fall ill with something that could have been prevented, especially when you may not have even registered with doctors or sorted out medical care when you arrive. Some countries even have stipulations for certain vaccines to be had ahead of time. Of course, things can’t always be predicted but it is better to be safe than sorry.


Be as organized as possible with your packing

Packing. It is never going to be an easy task. Even going away for a few days can have people overwhelmed with what to take. So packing for an extended trip or something more permanent may feel like a task you just can’t avoid or overcome. But, packing just needs you to be more organised with how you do things. It is about thinking about outfits and what you might need logically. Packing your home up could be another task entirely, but thankfully there are professional removal companies who can take over the big task of packing up your furniture and items and getting them safely to your new destination.

Pay attention to detail

Finally, make sure you pay attention to detail. Get all necessary tickets and passes printed and stored correctly. Make sure passports are in date and that you have all relevant ID’s and visas up to date. You need to also ensure that you tie up any loose ends before you depart. Close off any direct debits or accounts with utilities, etc.

I hope that this guide helps you to prepare for an extended holiday that you have decided to embark upon.

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.