Travel is best when done on a whim if you ask me. Taking the risk of going somewhere you’ve never been, surrounding yourself with the unfamiliar, and ultimately discovering new things about yourself never fails to motivate you for greater things in the whole of your life.

When it comes to new people you meet on a trip, I am always particularly curious about those I will meet on the airplane. You don’t necessarily get the luxury of choosing these people, but nevertheless can end up sitting next to them for hours.  Once, on a flight from Los Angeles to Rio, I was lucky enough to end up next to Lourdes Pagano.


The minute I sat down there was a connection, although be it a fashion connection at first as we were both decked out in animal prints. 🙂 Fabulous to the core, Lourdes began to tell me about her days back in Hollywood dancing salsa and attending fabulous parties with fabulous people. If you judge a book by its cover, Mrs. Pagano made for what seemed to be a elegant, timeless and not to mention fun read.

After we talked about LA, she shared her stories about her home, Puerto Rico, and  her celebrity wedding and event planning business, A Royal Affair. From that moment on, I couldn’t wait to visit and see the beautiful things she described with my own eyes, and finally, this summer I packed my bags and went to visit Lourdes, who showed me the best of the best the island had to offer…


Keep reading for some tips on where to go, and don’t forget to contact Lourdes (or me!) to plan your own luxury experience, wedding or amazing getaway 🙂


Beaches & Natural Wonders — Lourdes Pagano knows the most exclusive and hidden beaches on the island like the back of her hand. Whether you’re looking for a chic hideaway to say “I do” or a colorful beachfront to lounge with the family, you can customize your entire experience with A Royal Affair. Lourdes’ connections with top luxury hotels and off-the-radar establishments will definitely not disappoint.




When it comes to nature, Puerto Rico mesmerizes with endless beaches, including the 2nd most beautiful beach in the world, and the amazing national rainforest, El Yunke.  No matter what you desire, Puerto Rico offers an unparalleled jewel box of treasures for every traveler.




Catamarans, Sunset Cruises, Snorkeling and more! The diverse wildlife in the tropics of Puerto Rico are something to behold. There are so many secrets that the island whispers, and Lourdes knows how to interpret them! Want to plan your own sunset cruise? Go island hopping with your new spouse or snorkeling with the family? Let’s get started planning your custom vacation now. Paradise is waiting!








Local’s Only — Want to know the real Puerto Rico? You can read as much as you’d like about the island, but every traveler knows that to experience the real destination, you have to know the locals! From local cuisine to the island’s best kept secrets, working with Lourdes and A Royal Affair will open doors to the amazing island that you never knew existed!





What are you waiting for? Book your getaway now 🙂

See you in Puerto Rico!

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.