Getting away with your other half is one of the best things you can do for your relationship. If you manage it once a month or once a year it can be so good to help rekindle the romance and remind you both of why you fell in love. The states is full of places to go, but I thought I would highlight four states that should definitely be considered for your next couples getaway. I hope it gives you some vacation inspiration.



Oklahoma is a mid-western state and is full of some great locations to witness including the capital city Oklahoma city. When it comes to seeing the sights of the capital, having a good base is essential and this is where places like this hotel in Oklahoma City can come in real handy for you to explore. Oklahoma city is home to the National cowboy and Western heritage museum, so if that is your kind of thing then it could be a great sight to witness. The state itself is varied landscape including rolling hills, great plains, lakes and forests. There is something for everyone here.



You may be thinking that the state of Florida is just suitable for families wanting to experience the fun that Orlando can offer. While that is true, and let’s face it, couples can als embrace their big kids at times, there are other aspects of Florida that would suit the couples getaway. The city of Miami is a great place with Cuban and Latino influences to enjoy. But you also have some of the best beaches around at Fort Lauderdale and Clearwater. Finally, experiencing things like The Everglades and snorkeling the Florida Keys



Maybe you like the idea of California, the sunshine state. There is so much to do in this state that it could mean you end up going back to explore different parts. You first have the city of Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world where you can enjoy the studio tours from the likes of Paramount and Warner Brothers. Not to mention the Hollywood Hills and the famous sign. For something more laidback you could consider places like Laguna Beach and also Santa Cruz. Finally the city of San Francisco is also a great location for a couples getaway. A tour of the famous Alcatraz prison and having a photo with the iconic Golden Gate bridge.



Finally, we have the state of Texas. Probably a state that might be dismissed but with so many fabulous cities and even fantastic beaches. The city of Austin is a great place to enjoy live music. Heading to Houston could mean you get a glimpse of Nasa. Even places like San Antonio with the famous riverwalk enabling you to relax in the multicultural city in the many cafes and restaurants. Then you have South Padre island with its 34 mile stretch of white sandy beaches.

I hope that this gives you some inspiration for your next couples getaway.


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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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