It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

It’s both actually, in the form of airlines on Twitter.

Say goodbye to outsourced phone answering services,

and publicly voice your opinion through the mouth of a little blue bird.

Tweet Tweet!

Lost your bag? Peanuts too salty? Not enough peanuts?

These airlines are pretty good about dealing with all of that with their little blue birds as well.

Send your questions, comments, and chirps to these airlines:




@Continental‘s new Twitter handle is @United





You don’t have to complain! You can also be nice and share an  Instagram photo of views from the plane window. That’s what we call in-flight entertainment.

Once you’ve finished sharing a piece of your mind, get informed with tips, tricks, and travel deals. Tweet to these airlines for

@AAdvantage -tips on increasing mileage balance, special offers and promotions

@Delta – for awesome promos like winning tickets to the NY Nicks with hash tag #NYKDelta

Even St. Patty’s Day Youtube videos.


@HawaiianAir – #FareFinder Thursday! Follow @HawaiianFares to find out what low fares we’ll be tweeting out today.

@JetBlueCheeps – deals on last-minute flights every Tuesday

@VirginAmerica – deals, contests, and customer service.

@LANAirlinesUSA is giving away crazy awesome trips via the little blue bird as well, like – Enter to win 1 RT airline ticket by voting for your favorite @SEOpen picture – amazing.

Talk about Fabulous. 

Aren’t little blue birds just pleasant?!

Get on Twitter now and be sure to share your best finds with @TGIFGuide!

Written by edisonfitzpatric