Up high in the misty mountains, if you close your eyes and stand still, you can hear the Buddhist chanting. The wind blows through the passes, sideswiping the cliffs and temples. The sun takes it’s time to rise and shower the landscape with its golden hue. As it does, you can see how colorful the homes of the locals have become. With a love for various shades of cloth, they tie them around bridges, doorways, and of course as part of their local attire. Bhutan is tucked away in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent and lies in between India and China. Its close neighbors are Nepal and Bangladesh. The Himalayas breathe into the soul of every Bhutanese person, and as you’d expect make tourists of all kinds want to see the snowy mountains with their own eyes. The treks on the mountains are for the bold and those who want to be challenged.

One with the peaks

There are a number of treks you can take to see the beautiful countryside of Bhutan. Sometimes you just have to be whimsical and want to go on the stereotypical journey of snow, cattle herders, rickety bridges, stunning temples and rocky terrain adventures. If you’re the sort of the person, who want this kind of escapade you really need to contact https://www.kandooadventures.com/ that deal in specialized high altitude travel experiences. One of these is the Snowman Trek which consists of making three passes at an above sea level height of 6000m. Late spring and early autumn are your windows as later on in the year the pass is devoured by mother nature. If you’re the type of person who can brave the cold and early morning starts, this trek is something you will never forget.

Credit Matyas Havel

In the kitchen

Bhutan has never been conquered which is so rare for the Asian continent as many wars have been fought for different reasons by most other surrounding nations. However, you get a lot of culinary influences from Thailand, Nepal, India and Chinese to name a few. After breathing in the thin and cutting air of the mountains, you really need to keep with the momentum of tradition. Bhutan Kitchen is just that; it’s not any other cuisine apart from the Bhutanese.

There is outside seating if you want a view with your food or traditional inside seating. Expect heaps full of soft and sticky red rice. The house chicken curry can be made to local standards, or you can have it cooked milder with fewer chillies. Fresh salad is served along with boiled vegetables for those who need a little oxidation in their muscles. Try the traditional soup with lentils and spices or perhaps boiled potatoes in cheese to warm your insides.

The main course of Bhutan can’t be found in any restaurant but high up where the eagles sore. The mountainous terrain, the slight edge of danger and the need to keep your wits about you are what real adventures are made of. No documentary about the nation or wildlife could ever give you the sensation of seeing the Himalayas for yourself in person. At the end of it all, you have many local spots where you can refuel with traditional cuisine and go back out again.

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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

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