Most of us have a lifelong dream to leave the UK and retire to an exotic location abroad. But why wait until you’re old and less mobile? Even if you don’t have the funds to buy a holiday home abroad, renting one is always an option, giving you that homely feel that hotels aren’t always able to offer.

Below are some popular and less popular locations for Brits wanting to rent a place abroad.


A retreat to Spain doesn’t have to be in a Brit-infested location such as Benidorm or Marbella (unless that’s what you’re into, in which case knock yourself out!). For those still wanting to absorb the culture, try some paella and maybe get up to some flamenco dancing, there are many places around the south and north of the Iberian peninsula up for grabs. In fact, Spain are building holiday homes all the time to deal with the steady influx of expats.


Popular locations in France for holiday homes include the south coast, the Dordogne and the Alps. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh baguettes in the morning and drink wine and dine on the patio at night. Ski chalets and chateaus can also be rented at a decent price.


Fancy a taste of North Africa? A villa to rent in Morocco could give you the experience you’re after, allowing you to experience the fast-paced and exciting hubbub of the streets by day and then rest in the tranquillity of a cosy ornate villa by night. You’ve also got the desert on your doorstep if you ever want to plan an excursion.


Another popular choice amongst Brits, Greece offers a meze of different holiday homes from apartments to villas. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat in the sun or a base to go to after a night’s barcrawling, one of the many islands should accommodate your needs. Plus, the ocean is never too far away.


Not everyone’s go-to pick of Mediterranean resorts, Croatia’s coastline stretches all the way down to Montenegro. In the last couple decades, it’s seen dramatic increases of tourists, hosting parties on the beach and array of historical buildings for the more cultural traveller. Less saturated than Greece and Spain, it’s much easier to find a good deal on a holiday home.


It may not have a sizable coastline, but its picturesque green pastures have made it one of the fastest growing places for holiday homes in recent years. Over 60% of the country is covered in woodland. Combined with its caves (it contains the largest in Europe), Slovenia is a great place for lovers of natural beauty.


Portugal’s Algarve region is still popular amongst those wanted to live abroad, largely for its breathtaking ocean cliffs, tasty cuisine and golfing resorts. Few places in the Med have that same almost-Caribbean vibe to them, and since travelling annually to the West Indies isn’t easy and convenient for most of us, Portugal makes for an ideal substitute.

Written by The Urban Sophisticate

The Urban Sophisticate

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