Hey cowgirl, it’s your lucky day.

If you’ve been seeing more and more cowbowys around Hollywood lately, there’s a reason.

There are many reasons in fact, and all of them are at one location, the brand new Outpost Hollywood, opening this Thursday.

As far as coaxing a cowboy to leave the Wild West for the big city,  the Outpost has a list of desirable dishes and drinks that would make any ranger feel at home amongst the Superman and Spiderman impersonators. For starters, they’ve got beer and sweet tea lemonade served in 45 oz boots, that is, if a mason jar isn’t sufficient.

Outpost is also serving up pulled pork fries, burgers, wings, and almost anything else a cowboy, or girl, might need.

And, although it’s Hollywood, you won’t find any wax figurines of John Wayne or Clint Eastwood staring at you while you down your supper. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmoshpere, and before you know it, you might forget your hipster image and catch yourself in a hat and stirrups.

Yee haw.

Outpost opens this Thursday!

1624 N Cahuenga Blvd, 323-464-7678

Images via LA Eater

Written by edisonfitzpatric