They say love conquers all. In our humble opinion at TGIFguide, however, fashion, games and ice cream conquer all!  Of course we don’t mind if there’s a little love involved too. 🙂

If you’ve got nothing but your fabulous self and your girlfriends to love this V-Day, here are some items worth indulging in. And don’t forget, TGIFguide loves you too!

[highlight color=”pink”] PLAY THE GAME!  [/highlight]

Landing Mr. Right – this hilarious NEW board game was created just for those ladies in pursuit of “the One.”  You know you know at least one of them. Is it you? Your bestie? Well, it’s no matter if you’ve found “him” or if you’re still looking, Landing Mr. Right is an unparalleled way to spend the evening.

The game, which was created by two NEW YORK women (yes all caps on that one – NY represent), Alys Daly & Victoria Brewer (both single) after a series of bad dates, is receiving national attention as a fun, uplifting activity for single women on Valentine’s Day.  We have to say that we can’t help but agree with the Chicago Sun Times and the HuffingtonPost,  Kathie Lee & Hoda,, and

Landing Mr. Right has been dubbed, “Therapy in a Box,” and helps women look at love and dating in a humorous and positive light by leading them on virtual dating journey to find “Mr. Right.”

Along your dating path, you’ll have the opportunity to date six stereotypical men (CEO, Blue Blood, Triathlete, Regular Guy, Rock Star or Techno-Geek) and will be asked to answer questions and share stories about their dating experiences and the guy.  Date Cards take women on a worldwide adventure – from Paris to New York – while Your Story Cards tackle everything from online dating to meeting his family. Almost sounds better than the real deal…



Some of the Your Story Questions include:

You meet an online date at a bar for a drink. He says, “Let’s have dinner and split the check.” You think he has potential.  How do you handle it?

You meet a hot guy for date to watch a football game. Where’s the sexiest place you’ve ever made a touchdown?

You’re snorkeling with your boyfriend. You spot a shark in an orange bikini about to sink her teeth into him. What do you do to fed her off?

What’s not to LOVE?!

The game retails for $34.99 and is available for purchase on


[highlight color=”pink”] SEEING HEARTS [/highlight]

Not quite seeing hearts just yet?  If Mr. Right still hasn’t landed in your viewfinder, these super stylin’ heart-shaped shades from Love+Made might help. They’re custom made to order, with love of course, and each pair will be completely unique! Click here to get yours and shop more great pieces from Love+Made’s V-Day offerings. heart sunglasses

[highlight color=”pink”]  SWEET NOTHINGS [/highlight]

Is your Valentine’s Day as a single gal still not sweet enough? We have good news! Halo Top ice cream, the first ever, low calorie ice cream that’s non-gmo, 100% natural, high in protein and fiber, and sweetened with organic stevia to lower the sugar content – is now available! Don’t waste away on V-Day with empty calories, indulge instead in premium ingredients like authentic Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar vanilla, and real California lemons and strawberries. Want to know just how healthy it is when compared to regular old ice cream? Click here. 



[highlight color=”pink”] MAN EATER [/highlight]

Since you’ll be looking so good from eating low cal Halo Top, why not splurge on this sexy Motel Striped Black Bird Dress from our girls at Nasty Gal. Need we say more? Just think of all the hearts you’ll break in this dress.




[highlight color=”pink”] HEAD OVER FLATS [/highlight]

OK, so we’ve got the entertainment, the shades, the sweets and the dress, what more could we be missing? How is a woman supposed to be on top of the world if she doesn’t have the right shoes?! Duh.


Leave it to our friends at Vogue Footwear to inspire the perfect single girl silhouettes for shoes, FLATS! We’re obsessed with their theme “Head over Flats” and can’t wait to stock up on some of these super cute styles, in particular the Mary Mary in seductive V-Day red.

After all, doesn’t the old saying go “shoe love is true love?” We couldn’t agree more! Click the banner to shop your favorite flats and don’t forget to enter code  TGIF15 for a special V-Day discount! Click the image to shop 🙂



Wishing you a happy and fabulous V-Day! Stay tuned for the TGIFguide V-Day gift guide! Coming soon lovers!  <3

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.