I tried The Breast Whisperer bra and it  was very comfortable for sleeping. Athough it had a sports bra look, it didn’t dig in my shoulders like a sports bra typically does.

It was also more breathable than I imagined. I know the bra was made for augmented breasts, but keeping all breasts supported is important and I feel it kept my breasts very perky and skin didn’t feel pulled.

The bra is a must for any woman who feels pulling on her upper breast skin and perfect for those that just had breast surgery or women who are finishing nursing their children.

Think of The Breast Whisperer bra as the waist shaper for breasts, keeping everything tight and toned! Get yours here!

Written by Megyn Bell

Megyn Bell

Megyn Bell is one of America’s leading new voices in the business of beauty and fashion. Born in very humble surroundings in Arkansas, Megyn had a love of knowledge, a passion for business, and an eye for retail trends. These three traits converged with the founding of GlamOn, Inc. and Golden glo Beverly Hills, Megyn has been invited to speak at UCLA and FIDM as a minority business owner and entrepreneur.
Bell is a member of Junior League Los Angeles – a charitable organization of women committed to developing the potential of disadvantaged women and children by supporting projects that improve the community. Bell also serves on the advisory board for Fashion Week San Diego.