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Heading to Japan? Besides chewing down on decadent Okonomiyaki and succulent sushi, here are some must visit Parks and Museums for any fabulous traveler :

Obviously you’ll want to stop by a few museums. TGIFguide highly recommends the Mori Art Museum!


When I was in Tokyo, I stopped by the Andy Warhol exhibit, which featured the most pieces by Warhol ever under one roof. Located in the Roppongi area, you’ll find lots of shops, more galleries and great places to eat (like TGIFguide favorite Gonpachi!! Stay tuned for YumYum Nippon post for where to eat in Tokyo!), so don’t forget to add a visit to Mori to your list!


**Even if you decided to skip the current Mori exhibit, you have the option to go to the tower and soak up the panoramic city views for about US $15. [highlight color=”yellow”] Just a little note: [/highlight] The views here are similar to the Tokyo SkyTree, and you can save $$ in style by opting for a delicious coffee at the SkyTree Lobby instead of paying $30 or so to go to the top. It’s much better to relax in a luxurious leather chair than be crammed in an elevator with a bunch of tourists anyway, wouldn’t you agree?!

Another museum you won’t want to miss is the Nezu Museum. The gardens are breathtaking and the exhibitions and permanent collection are a beautiful representation of Japanese Culture.


The museum opened at the private residence of  industrialist and president of Tobu Railway, NEZU Kaichiro, Sr.(1860-1940) in 1941. ‘The Nezu Museum is considered especially strong in arts related to ‘tea’ as Kaichiro was an enthusiastic practitioner of ‘the way of tea.’ Located adjacent to the Rick Owens boutique, it’s a great idea to dedicate an afternoon to exploring the chic shops and this unforgettable museum.


Since we’re on the topic of museums, why don’t we exit through the gift shop? The MOMA Design Store is a fantastic destination to add to your sight-seeing list. After all, all that you’re really missing in life is a Da Vinci umbrella and technicolored shot glasses, right?

The store is situated in one of the chicest areas in the city, Omotesando, in the same building as Chanel and many other fantastic names. In two words : must visit!

You’ll have to check out Where to Shop in the TGIF City Guide : Tokyo Shopping, coming soon!




Every city needs a great park. Or 5 🙂 That park in Tokyo is Yoyogi Park. From the “Grease” inspired dancers rock n rollin’ at the park entrance to the beautiful trees and lush grass, going on a morning run or enjoying local cultural activities like the Tokyo Pride Parade!


It’s a great idea to grab a few friends and pack a picnic or just go solo with a great book and lounge underneath the cherry blossom trees.



I hope this is a good start for my friends visiting Tokyo! Stay tuned for the TGIFguides on Where to Shop, What to Eat and don’t forget amazing nightlife 🙂

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, please get in touch!


Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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