Summer’s finally here!! From chic accessories to nail color and a delicious new drink to wash it all down, here are our must haves for Summer 2014!

[highlight color=”blue”] WASH IT DOWN OR MIX IT UP [/highlight]

If you’re a regular human who works and plays and lives life, there are probably some times that you could use some extra energy just to make it through your day. It’s ok to admit it 😉 Whether you’re looking for a little pick-me-up or a fab new mixer for your favorite liquor, the all natural Marquis 03 Energy Drink is our ultimate summer must have! The TGIFguide team was sipping summer “Marquilas” at a recent Hollywood party hosted by The Supper Club, and not only did we love that Marquis 03 comes in awesome flavors like Mango Ginger, Citrus and Super Berry, we loved meeting the super cool founders!  Marquis 03 are not just regular old energy drinks, they’re VITALITY energy drinks which contain organic stevia extract for sweetness and use organic green tea and yerba mate extract along with a proprietary Vitamin B blend for a boost that doesn’t crash.


[highlight color=”pink”] PERFECT PEDICURE [/highlight]

Since it’s officially pool party season, we can only hope you’ll be showing off that pedicure all summer long. The last thing a girl needs is an embarrassing set of chipped nails! Who wants to wear closed-toes in summer?!

Thanks to our new favorite find, Polish & Co Nail Polish, you won’t have to walk into a salon and choose between the same old colors, you can paint your own perfect pedi (or mani!) in a matter of minutes with this easy breezy non toxic selection of polishes in fun shades with even funner (yes-funner!) names.


Created by the lovely Theresa Williams, a professional manicurist with over 22 years experience based in North Carolina, Polish & Co’s collections feature fun (and funner) colors like Mint to Tell You, Accept It and Move On, Any Place Any Time, and more in perfected shades of red, pink, blue, purple and beyond. Click here to find your perfect palate!


[highlight color=”blue”] CALL ME MAYBE [/highlight]

Whether you live in Paris, Tokyo, Vegas, Miami, LA or New York, every girl could use a little Park Avenue class.  Summer is the season for low-maintenence relaxation, traveling and fun nights out on the town, and no matter what you’re up to, you must have a purse case from Park Avenue Accessories.


Created by the elegant Deirdre Frouge, the super chic “Classic Six” Wristlets, the “Park Avenue Party Girl” and “Penthouse” collections were inspired by her experiences growing up in Manhattan during the City’s Golden Age (1960-1980). Crafted with both fashion and function in mind, the unique designs of the cases are  intertwined with an appreciation of the fabulous buildings and architecture of New York.


A New York City Classic 6 is a six-room apartment floor plan and one of the City’s most sought-after, yet least available, properties. Deirdre grew up in a “Classic Six” and later moved into a Classic Seven at 940 Park Avenue where she became a full on Park Avenue Party Girl.

I may be in LA and have missed the Golden Age of the Big Apple, but none-the-less, I’m loving my “Classic Six” Dry Martini Wristlet and am so happy I met the gorgeous Park Avenue Accessories founder!

Want to join us? Click here to get your own “Classic Six” before they run out!


**PS : my nail polish is Mint To Tell You by Polish & Co!

[highlight color=”pink”] TRAVEL [/highlight]

Traveling alone? The Dammit Doll is the ultimate travel companion – it pulls, whacks and slams to take out your travel frustrations. Traveling with a partner? You’re probably even a bit more frustrated! Whether you loose your luggage, experience a delayed flight or have to sit next to someone who thinks you’re their personal armrest, The Dammit Doll and Dammit Pillow are perfect for resting your head while in-flight or simply letting loose on someone other than your travel partner. Get your Dammit Doll at quirky boutiques around the world, or click here!


[highlight color=”blue”] SALE!!! SUMMER STYLE [/highlight]

Celebrate the 4th of July with Mark and Estel!!!  Fashionistas get excited as the fashion duo will be offering a 20% off discount on all website purchases. Selections include signature pieces such as fashion tees, flowing dresses, iconic cut-out leggings, and ready to wear jackets. Now that’s what we call summer style.

20% OFF all items on website

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Happy Summer TGIFguide readers!!!

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.