Sports luxe is a great trend to try if you want to look cool but feel cosy. You aren’t quite dressed up, but you aren’t dressed down either. It’s a great trend if you like being a bit of a tomboy but want to show off your girly side too! These are your must have items if you want to channel this trend…

[highlight color=”blue”] A Beanie Hat [/highlight]

You’d be surprised at how good a beanie hat can look paired with your favorite sweat shirt, a pair of tailored bottoms and some heels. You can throw it on to polish off any interpretation of this trend, and I’d  definitely recommend getting one in a few different colors! A bright beanie will always funk up an outfit, rain or shine. It’s the best solution to a bad hair day too. 😉 Shop this one and more from NastyGal.

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[highlight color=”pink”] A Classic Coat [/highlight]

A classic coat, such as a beige trench or oversized number, is the perfect sports luxe jacket. It looks smart, yet you could wear it with some trousers and a pair of Adidas trainers to dress it down and make it a little more comfortable.

[highlight color=”purple”] A Sports Bra [/highlight]

A sports bra isn’t just for getting hot and sweaty in the gym. You can wear it with a pair of casual cotton trousers, dungarees – almost anything! Use your imagination! Just make sure you wash it before you wear it after the gym.


[highlight color=”blue”] A Bomber Jacket [/highlight]

A bomber jacket looks so cool paired with just about anything, so you can buy one of these with confidence that you’ll wear it again and again. It’s perfect with some trousers and trainers, and even a sports style jersey. Add your beanie hat and a pair of aviators and this look is the epitome of cool!

[highlight color=”pink”] Glam Pumps [/highlight]

Pumps come in all shapes, sizes and styles. For sports luxe, try getting a glam pair. Perhaps something metallic or with a bold pattern. This stops you from looking too ‘tomboy’ and helps you look more stylish. Some outfits just need an extra injection of glam, and pumps like this could be just the answer.

[highlight color=”purple”] Wedge Trainers [/highlight]

Wedge trainers will make your legs look amazing, but you’ll still look casual and cool. They look amazing when paired with just about any other thing on this list, and they’re so comfortable!

[highlight color=”blue”] Harem Pants [/highlight]

Harem trousers are loose and casual, so they’re the perfect addition to any sports luxe wardrobe. They’re comfortable, yet they’d look good paired with glam pumps or trainer wedges.

[highlight color=”pink”] A Cosy Casual Sweatshirt [/highlight]

The important thing to remember about a cosy, casual sweatshirt, or  jumper, is that it doesn’t need to look boring. I’ve seen people rocking jumpers like this with leather joggers and heels! Just don’t start wearing it in the house to watch season after season on Netflix.

Sports luxe has been around for a while and is showing no signs of disappearing. You can be as bold as you like with this trend, and really let your styling skills shine. I hope you found this post useful. See you next time!

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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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