Life is full of mini catastrophes.

Parking tickets, broken iPhones, and bad dates require serious carb and chocolate supplements. We mean serious.

However, thanks to a girls’ trip to Cabo next week, you’re steering clear of  your go-to  coping mechanisms, and with Nutella and chocolate turtles out of the mix, what’s a girl do do?

There’s only one thing that can help you now!


Ok, perhaps you should be spending that extra cash on your parking ticket. Perhaps.

You need an excuse. Hmmm.

Stocking up for fall right now is super important, maybe if you would have had the right shoes last nights’ date wouldn’t have been so bad. Or, the number one best excuse: you have nothing to wear.

In addition to scoring these killer (perhaps literally) Hakaan shoes pictured above, you could probably use them to show the parking meter maid who’s boss. Or to scare off your next terrible first date.

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Written by edisonfitzpatric