Despite the strange and random weather sweeping Los Angeles of late, the fashion crowd still came out to play this week for the Los Angeles Fashion Council runway shows.

Hosted by one of our favorite fashionistas, LAFC founder Kelsi Smith, the Los Angeles Fashion Council Collections, now in their second season, were designed to provide a legitimate platform for L.A designers, press and buyers to converge and celebrate L.A talent. This season they have taken residence in a newly renovated retail space on Los Angeles St, which will play host to a number of different programs throughout March including runway shows and a market week show room.

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For Inka, of ISM Mode, designing a collection is an organic process. She starts with a feel and shapes that she wants to create, then looks into fabrics might to satisfy her vision whilst letting the fabric inspire her. Every season she experiments with shapes on the mannequin and comes up with unique dye techniques to add color and patterns. ISM Mode is a sustainable and eco driven line.

Sarine Marie  The Fall/Winter 12-13 collection was inspired by lady-like silhouettes. Sarine Marie plays on both a classic yet edgy element. Accentuating all body types and lifestyles, the collection is prone to add chic sophistication in every ensemble. The Fall I group consists of delicate, feminine fabrics and silhouettes with tailored jackets and outerwear.

Laces, virgin wool, silk, and wool gabardine in light feminine colors such as nude, black, nude pink, ivory, and gold are also combined mixtures in the fall collection. The second group of the fall collection is edgier yet still maintains a feminine air. With feminine silhouettes, tailored jackets, mixed fabrics and textures like leather, metallic, and various colored tweed, both groups of the fall collection display different sides of the Sarine Marie.

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S O L D A T  is a collection of edgy eco suits and separates. Tailored in U S A.
The collection helps women who work in creative industries such as Fashion, Advertising, Media, Beauty to dress professionally but not in a boring ‘corporate’ kind of way. (sorry bankers and lawyers!)

The materials used are high quality organic and natural materials.
For the S O L D A T Fall/Winter 2013 collection the fabrics include :

•Eco Twill -made of recycled water bottles!
•Cotton Ikat -hand dyed and woven in India
•100% wool -super soft
•100% silk lining -for added luxurious comfort

8000Nerves was created by 4 loving and creative sisters as a domestically manufactured contemporary clothing line. We unite texture, colour and vintage inspiration to create things that are feminine and joyous, yet modern. 8000nerves is a philosophy in itself. Be daring, be free, be true to you. The idea is to embrace the notion to love, live life to the fullest, and put aside all the negative stuff that makes us unhappy.

We all have the basic components that can bring us the most joy, and it is up to us to search within ourselves to find it. Own who you are and be as confident as you can be. We are all unique and wonderful in different ways so live freely within this concept.

The idea is to own what makes you unique and dress the part of the free spirited, colourful person you can be. You are the master of your own destiny and the only person who will decide where you’ll go, how you’ll get there and what you’ll wear along the way.


This Fall 2013 collection was inspired by our relationship with the universe. Looking to the galaxy as the force behind all the major shifts that happen in our daily lives and ultimately heighten the theory that we, humans, are made up of cosmic matter. The theory that somehow we are cosmically born into this life by the result of a fallen star is quite intriguing and keeps alive the belief that our souls are heavily connected with the unknown.

The Galaxy and the Universe Immaculate collections are inspired by our afterlife here on earth as a celestial being but a remembrance of our past lives as a cosmic star and everything that embodies it.

Photo Credit: Feliz Salzman: Lookbook LA

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.