Copper Fit is excited to announce their latest capsule collection with CEO and Founder of Goop and Academy Award Winning Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, is available TODAY! The Gwyneth Paltrow x Copper Fit collection features exclusive feminine colorways in wellness and recovery-focused products to improve the lives of all.
This partnership with Copper Fit taps into Gwyneth Paltrow’s simple and practical approach to wellness while also advocating for women to prioritize their well-being, making it a quintessential partnership with Copper Fit. As the first female ambassador for the brand, Paltrow is a huge supporter of Copper Fit’s next step in its mission to provide comfort and transformation for women at any age and focus on bringing health and wellness to the forefront of your life.
The Gwyneth Paltrow x Copper Fit Collection features five staple products that are sure to change your fitness game:

The Gwyneth Paltrow x Copper Fit Collection is available now with prices ranging from $14.99 to $24.99 available exclusively on
About Copper Fit
Copper Fit is an activewear technology brand improving the lives of everyone with their cutting-edge technology products of compressions gloves, hydrating socks, knee sleeves, rapid relief braces, and more. Copper Fit knows what it’s like when you are unable to perform at your best and when you have cycles of soreness, pain, and longer recovery periods and developed new technologies, materials, and fabrics designed to improve performance, support muscles, aid in recovery, as well as reduce chafing through high-quality stitching and wicking fabrics, and odors through copper infusion. Copper Fit is for all sports and walks of life motivated by the idea of living in a world with less pain and increased mobility encouraging the wearer to be the best champion they can be

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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