Arriving to a city you’ve never been to before that speaks a language you don’t know can be a bit daunting, that is, unless you’re made to feel right at home. From the very first point of contact, The Encounter-Nepal team welcomed me with open arms.

After a journey to Chitwan National Park post Everest trek with the best guide of all time, Hira The Diamond, it was back to the busy, crowded city of Kathmandu. (More to come on my Everest Trek in a Girl’s Guide to Everest! stay tuned).


Intoxicating, inspiring, and semi-overwhelming, the pollution and commotion can be a lot to take in, especially after soaking in the seclusion of the mountains. Although The Encounter-Nepal is located right in the heart of the city center, it feels tucked away and hidden, guarded by a gated entrance and beautiful garden.


Upon arrival the kind staff welcomes guests with a hot drink, perhaps a chai or coffee? You’re then asked to fill out some simple paper work, but there’s no rush, you’re on Nepalese time now, and then you’re escorted to one of the many lovely rooms overlooking the city or the garden.


There are so many experiences to treasure from a vacation at The Encounter-Nepal. From the delicious menu to the customized destination activities, every person you encounter at The Encounter 😉 will only contribute to your experience.



 I was lucky enough that my last night in Kathmandu happened to fall during the Nepalese New Year there and I welcomed in the year 2071 along with other guests and fellow trekkers. Making toasts to the new year with people from Brazil, Denmark and everywhere in between is a memory I will never forget.



The hotel is right on the edge of Thamel, the famous tourist district of Kathmandu. Whether you’re looking for some Himalayan-inspired hippie gear, some knock-off North Face, or some live music, it’s a fun place to go for locals and travelers alike. Thamel feels like a multi-cultural play ground surrounded by the true essence of the Nepalese culture.




If you venture a bit further, you’ll feel the difference, mix with the locals at the local markets and see different goods on offer, and that’s where I found my local sari!


I was also lucky enough to have the the wonderful co-owner of the hotel help teach me to tie it correctly 🙂


According to most, Kathmandu is worth spending about a week, but with the welcoming I received, I would stay there a lifetime. Can’t wait to see all of my friend at The Encounter-Neapl and Himalayan Glacier Trekking again, and if you’d like to go too, just click here!


Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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