When I hear the word “dig” I think of something (or someone) pawing frantically through dirt, resulting in dirt-embedded fingernails. What if you were digging for gold…frantically…and you came up with gold fingernails?!  I wouldn’t even complain. I don’t plan on striking gold anytime soon, so I will settle for metallic polishes. Some metallic polishes are annoying because they are transparent and you have to apply six coats to get the look you want…and that’s before the top coat. There are a few ways to get those metallic fingertips you love without the excess effort.

When I was in 7th grade, my mom gave me a Sally Hansen Chrome nail polish. Because my mom picked it out, I wasn’t sure how cool it was. I saved it and busted it out a few months ago. You want to get your hands on one of these bottles, or get your fingers in one of these bottles, however you want to look at it.

Another great option is OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard. I love it because there is a hint of green in it and it’s a solid gold shade.  Another polish with the green tint is Deborah Lippmann’s Swagga Like Us will definitely add swag to your hands.  If you’re wanting a silver shade, click your heels together and wish for Essie’s No Place Like Home. There are two made by Butter London: one is Lillibet’s Jubilee and the other is Wallis…both incredible colors.

Another approach is stick-on decals. I personally have a hard time doing them, but I see them on others, and they look fab. These decals are great because they give you that “mirror” effect that is difficult to achieve with nail polish. There are also fake nails that you can get that have that awesome “car bumper” look. I used to think that fake nails were a thing of the past, perhaps something I did when I was in 5th grade because I couldn’t afford a manicure with my allowance. But now, I am definitely going to give it a shot and get some silver mirror fake nails and apply them myself!


Last but not least, are the textured metallics. There are shimmers, crackles, glitters, etc. I absolutely love the look of glitter nails, but cannot express how much I hate removing them. A few amazing glitters are from Sephora by OPI: Only Gold For Me and Beam Me Up Hottie! There is a new glitter nail polish on stands at Sephora. Did I say glitter? I meant gold. Sephora by OPI has a real 18k gold top coat. I stared at it, grabbed the display sample, and swiped the little flakes of gold over my nail and loved how it looked.

So those are some tricks for getting your hands on some gold, except this time, you really can come up with gold fingers, and you can leave the dirt behind.

Written by jeseniapickett0