Winter is here, and the cold is biting! One of the best things about this time of year is all the parties we are invited to. If there is anything that can cheer us up on a cold and bleak night, it is the fun and frivolities of a great gathering. If you have already got the party bug and you are looking forward to a great night out, then get that party started.

Party season is that wonderful time of year when we can get dressed up most nights of the week. There is a never a dull moment and gossip opportunities are being made every minute. But the one thing we love to talk about the most is what everyone is wearing. Perhaps you haven’t yet picked out your party dress, or your man is struggling to find the right accessories.

There is never a fashion dilemma that can’t be solved. We have picked out some of the best bits to find this season, and put together this little nugget of an article. For some bang-on ideas, keep reading so what you should be wearing, and where to find it.

[highlight color=”red”] JEWELRY [/highlight]

This season is the one that needs warm colors and soft shine to compliment the craziness of all those novelty lights. Warm golds and rose golds are a great way to accessorize your favorite party outfit. To set yourself apart, wear wrist jewelry like watches and bracelets, so you can dazzle every time you raise your glass.

[highlight color=”green”] THE DRESS [/highlight]

If your man is picking a strong color this season, stick to a gold or silver shimmer. If he is taking it formal to the max, you are free to go wild for bright colors from strong palettes of cerise and turquoise. Detail is everything for the ladies this year, so go with patterns or textures to accentuate the shape of your body.

Image via IdeesMag

Image via IdeesMag

[highlight color=”red”] SHOES [/highlight]

Closed-toe and strappy up to the ankle and beyond are the way to strut this season. For your man, have him pick something timeless and classic in black. Heels are great for defining those calves so leave the ballet pumps to last summer and go for four inches and beyond. The detail should be in the heel this season, maximize the back of your look and drawing the attention right down to the floor.

[highlight color=”green”] COAT [/highlight]

No winter look is complete without that statement entrance as you arrive at your party venue. Thick and squishy is in with big detail on top. Snuggle into your coat and save yourself the hassle of a scarf. For your man, something in wool with plenty of detail and buttons looks incredibly masculine and compliments his shape.


[highlight color=”red”] HAIR [/highlight]

Hair is traditionally worn up with plenty of twists and curls at this time of year. However, with bouncing layers and long tresses, you can wow the party with hair worn down and loose or half up to maximize your length. Grab some extensions for some extra party volume this season.


Header Image via : Tatooed Geisha 

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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