Karlie Kloss.

We want to steal her look.

She’s young, beautiful, and on top of the modeling world.

Did we mention she’s absolutely stunning!?

Well, look in the mirror, you’re beautiful too! And TGIFGuide has discovered the super model’s secret to the perfectly subtle yet incredibly sexy brown smoky eye. 

While it may be almost impossible to score her figure, the least we can do is copy her makeup!

Check this out:

It’s the Hot Hues Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Burnished Cocoa. Sephora describes it as a versatile eye plaette with a tone-on-tone base color and four complimentary shadows. This amazing little compact is complete with two brushes, and the shadows can be used wet or dry to create the perfect blend of brown. What are you waiting for? Life is your runway, and you’re a super model!

Written by edisonfitzpatric