Every year we make the same empty resolutions that never seem to stick. While going to the gym more and eating a salad everyday are no doubt positive life changes, their simple nature, much like all resolutions, won’t go far to change your life. By creating resolutions with the bigger picture in mind you can feel truly happy, less stressed and live a healthier life with ease. Keep reading to discover five resolutions that will improve your life this year.

[highlight color=”blue”] 1. Make a Savings Plan [/highlight]
As credit card debt, foreclosure and bankruptcy become more and more commonplace in America, it’s important to keep track of your money. This year make a plan to tighten your purse strings and fatten your wallet. Adjust your direct deposit and squirrel a portion of your paycheck away in a savings account. Give yourself a weekly or monthly budget for food, clothing, leisure activities etc. and stick to it. Re-evaluating your lifestyle to spend less and save more will help you stay far away from debt, stress less about money and always have extra funds in case of an emergency.

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[highlight color=”blue”] 2. Do some “spring” cleaning [/highlight]
So many New Year’s resolutions are about wiping your slate clean and getting a fresh start. One of the best, most effective ways to do this is quite literally cleaning house. Spend some of your time cleaning out your closets, basement, kitchen and/or garage. Try to get rid of things you barely use and organize your house. Physically de-cluttering your home will help you mentally de-clutter, as well as help you reduce stress and have room in your life for other more important things. As an added bonus, sell your old stuff online for extra cash or donate it to those in need.


[highlight color=”blue”] 3. Learn more [/highlight]
Improving your career can help you improve your life in so many different ways. Along with increasing your salary, getting ahead in your career can also lead to a stronger sense of self-fulfillment, self-worth and confidence. One way to get a promotion is to learn more. This year decide to take a class through an online college to get a new certification or another degree that could lead to a pay raise, promotion or new job. Investing your time and money in your education, while it may seem overwhelming, is never a waste as it can only lead to self-improvement and a more fulfilled life.


[highlight color=”blue”] 4. Sleep More [/highlight]
As cliché and redundant as it sounds sleeping more can and will improve your quality of life. Getting around 8 hours of shut-eye each night will not only leave you feeling more refreshed and awake the next day, but also keep you healthier. Sleeping enough can help you improve your memory and alertness, reduce stress, lose weight, have more focus and protect you from illness. There is absolutely no easier way to make so many parts of your life better.


[highlight color=”blue”] 5. Do something you love [/highlight]
Whether it’s reading, doing yoga, going for hikes or meeting up with friends, doing what makes you happy is vital for an improved quality of life. Spending time doing your favorite things will help you reduce stress, improve your mood and make the less-than-fun parts of your life seem more bearable. This year vow to do whatever it is that you love as often and as regularly as you can, thus improving your mood and your life.

This year make your resolutions count. Take action to take care of your health, home, education, finances and happiness, as all will lead to a better life. By being dedicated to improving your life you will discover a happier, more.


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