ATTN ladies! It’s Fab Femme Fridays!

This week features GIRLS of GOURMET!

It’s not every day that you’re chillin’ pool-side at the Standard on Sunset and two showstopping ladies take the seats next you. From pink polka-dot bikinis to blingin’ jewels and smashing hair and make-up, it’s obvious these two are well put-together. And not just in a fashion sense.

Meet Nadia G and Sandra T of Bitchin’ Kitchen.


Cute, creative, and all-together bad ass, they are taking the cooking world by storm! “We have fun, we wear heels, and we work hard,” says Sandra about their days of filming in Canada. Sandra is Nadia G’s full-time make up artist. Nadia G is the star and host of the show, and is genius at combining laughs with flavors from all over the world!

Bitchin’ Kitchen first started on YouTube, and re-defined the perspective that female chefs have to be grandma-friendly like Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray. Snore.

Obviously, cool kids cook too, and there are plenty of them out there who are tuning in to the stylish, comedic cooking show. With hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, Bitchin’ Kitchen was scooped up for a prime time spot on The Cooking Channel. The show is newly launched on Yankee soil, and word  is spreading like digital wildfire. Not bad for a girl who grew up speaking Italian in a French-Canadian town.

Back at The Standard, Nadia orders a jalapeno margarita, and Sandra a strawberry daiquiri. Cheers to them for being so amazing and representing unique, ambitious, bitchin’ girls who are taking over the world!

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Written by edisonfitzpatric