I love stylish items with a purpose. Recently I have come across some pretty nifty accessories every woman needs.


First, solving the age old problem of that ugly ponytail holder on your wrist is Bittersweet. I am sure you long haired girls can relate, you hate the look of that hair band but you also don’t want to be caught without one. Maria Shireen Palsson and her husband have saved your wrist with their beautifully designed bangles that disguise a hairband in the design.


In addition, this beautiful and functional jewelry can be engraved to make it even more personal. The rose gold, gold, silver and black bracelets come in a few different designs and they even have a kids version in plastic. We invite you to save your wrist and look good while keeping that pesky hair band at bay.

IMG_1067 IMG_1070 IMG_1077

Long nights of selfies and Instagram uploads will put a drain on your iPhone battery, luckily Mophie makes a sleek lower profile gold battery case that charges my iPhone 6 back to 100%. It is amazing to be able to switch on the back button and be charging instantly. The case will set you back about $80, but with some of the cases that do nothing but look cute costing around the same I believe this is a good bang for your buck.

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As  a self proclaimed fashionista I dislike the acstetic of the fitbit, but as a fitness minded woman I realize the utility. Now for my less strenuous activities there is a solution Tory Burch makes a beautiful gold pendant that hides the Fitbit elegantly while still allowing you to track to your fitness goals.

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Written by gaileichhorn