If you are thinking about throwing out your winter clothing for the upcoming summer season, wait right there. Those piles of cute and cuddly winter fashion garments and accessories can easily be transformed into sexy spring items in no time. Here are some cool ways in which you can modify your wardrobe and look like a spring fashionista without spending a dime!

[highlight color=”pink”] 1. Maxi Skirts [/highlight] Maxi skirts were great during the winter season. They allowed your legs to stay nice and toasty and worked beautifully with your favorite pair of boots. However, this spring and summer season it’s all about wearing your favorite maxis with a pair of adorable flip flops or high heels. Combine it with a flirty tank top and a few shimmering accessories and you’ve got a style that is summery and sweet.


[highlight color=”blue”] 2. Mini Skirts [/highlight] A mini-skirt? During the winter time? Are you nuts? No, of course not. Remember the totally hot look involving mini-skirts and tights to keep your legs warm? Yeah, that’s the look I was talking about. Well no doubt you can get great use of that mini skirt during the spring and summer time. Just rid yourself of the tights and show some leg!


[highlight color=”orange”] 3. Scarves [/highlight] This cute fashion accessory may have been your go-to item for neck warmth during winter. But during the summer, it acts as a wonderful accent piece that brings any outfit together perfectly. Scarves are best worn draped over the shoulders and work well with more subtle attire. For instance, if you are wearing a pair of blue jeans and a blue top, you might throw on one of your wild multicolored scarves for a splash of color and summer fun.


[highlight color=”purple”] 4. Jeans [/highlight] Jeans might not be the greatest option on the hottest days of the year, but they can still be worn throughout most of spring and summer. Wearing your favorite jeans paired up with a tank top is a great way to achieve a cute look when skirts and dresses just won’t cut it.

[highlight color=”green”] 5. Boots [/highlight] The thought of boots during the summertime makes me want to cringe. I mean, really? Walking around under the sun surrounded by disgusting humidity- and wearing boots? That’s insane! Well, just as you didn’t think you’d wear mini-skirts in the winter time, you can surely wear boots during spring and summer. However, you might want to skip on the tall boots and choose ‘booties’ instead, as these only come up to your ankle. Pair your booties up with a short skirt or dress for a rockin’ style.


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