We hope by now you’ve called in sick to work for both today and tomorrow. It’s the 4th of July Holiday week – and even though all the magic happened yesterday, there’s no point in spending these next 2 days behind a desk. So go ahead, we dare you, pick up the phone and call your boss to say you’re not feeling so hot – and we’ll meet you by the pool!

Here are a few of our favorite pools in the city for some laid back summer lounging –


[highlight color=”blue”] THE STANDARD DOWNTOWN [/highlight]

We. Love. This. Pool.  The LA Times calls it a “rooftop extravaganza that’s a must see just for the spectacular views.”

The Standard is ultra modern, sleek, minimalist, and more often than not, there’s a party going down on the roof top, especially on Sundays. So – if you’re looking to chill weekdays are best. Always be sure to call ahead just in case they are closed for a private event.



[highlight color=”blue”] THE LONDON ROOFTOP  WEST HOLLYWOOD [/highlight]

Situated on the hotel’s top floor, the London’s rooftop pool deck is the best when it comes to panoramic views of the L.A., Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills skylines. The setting is inspired by a traditional English garden, and hopefully when you’re lounging in your cabana you’ll meet some fine English gentlemen. The best time to head to this pool is any day of the week, you can expect a laid back environment with a few families, great for reading and relaxing. But… if you’re in a party mood, this pool is great on Wednesday evenings starting at 6pm. 


[highlight color=”blue”] THE SOFITEL BEVERLY HILLS [/highlight]

SLS Beverly Hills is the ultimate in luxury and sophistication – with a little imagination mixed in. The service here can be a bit snooty, so be ready to order at least one thing from the waitress as you lounge amidst the bazaar-inspired decor.  Also, we heard from a little bird that RSVP is required, but so worth it to be able to chill with this giant bronze pig!



[highlight color=”blue”] THE ROOSEVELT HOLLYWOOD (OF COURSE) [/highlight]

The Roosevelt, as we know and love it, continues to be a favorite among locals in LA. It’s an exclusive 1960s-inspired hotspot where all of our favorite hipsters drop by for sunbathing by day and cocktails and dancing by night. It’s pretty chill during daylight hours, but be ready for some fun and jumping in for Night Swim Tuesdays.


We hope that was convincing enough to make that call to your boss…

Cheers to summer!

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.