You’ve juiced. You’ve over-paid for a hot stone massage (or three). You figure: if the stars are doing it, you want to too! Which is why we are happy to see the trends evolving from the superficial outer layers, to those that tap into a deeper level…

Enter: Floating.  A spa craze sweeping across countless upscale parlors in the country. The basic concept is meditation in a tank. In a warm solution of purified water and epsom salt (and a few other ingredients, depending on the spa) allow the body to float effortlessly in a quiet, relaxing room. Often times, practitioners also wear earplugs to eliminate all sound, and varying degrees of light, and sometimes no light, are used. This form of meditation aims to induce the feeling of floating in mid air, so that the body cannot identify where the body ends, and air and space begin. Sounds pretty triply, right?

Floating is said to have physical and mental benefits. For the body, users say floating relieves back and joint pain, physical effects of stress, and others. As for the mind, it is said to enhance creativity, relieve stress and anxiety, aid immune system function and enhance awareness and clarity of mind.

Floating is a practice used by everyone from creative mindsets aiming to tap into unused parts of their imagination and psyche, and people of all ages looking for a form of relaxation with more lasting effects than say, massage.

Of the experience, GQ magazine reports:

“Inside the tank, your brain is free to downshift and address interpersonal projects: immune health, unification of the brain’s hemispheres, stress reduction, healing. For days afterward I feel the residual effects. My shoulders are looser, I feel less frustrated, my outlook is more positive. I am not a grinning fool, but my tolerance level is notches higher than that of most city dwellers. And in this life, that’s no small thing.”

Those interested in trying this treatment should heed this; approach your treatment session with an open mind, rather than a specific idea or issue you’re wanting to resolve. It may even be beneficial to practice small amounts of meditation at home for 5 or more minutes at a time, to get comfortable with the sensation of being in your own head and body unaided by distraction (this is especially true for those obsessed with technology out there). And remember, even with skepticism, be open to benefits you didn’t expect. After all, the tank has enough salt-you won’t need to take a grain of your own.

Prices for floating vary, and spas equipped with tanks are all across the country. Find out where to float, and report back on the benefits (or disadvantages) you experience!

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