Obsession is the perfect word to describe how I feel about Beautylish is anonline community filled with Beauty experts and enthusiasts coming together to display their talent, bear their advice, answer questions and compare notes on how to create the perfect presidential nail.

Hair, make-up, nails, skin, and everything in between, has you covered. If you’re like me then you browse through a sick amount of fashion magazines, videos and movies ogling different looks thinking, now how can I make that happen for myself?!

Typically, you’d probably do a google search that comes up with a bunch of crazy results because you didn’t realize that the high pointy bun you’re looking to recreate is actually called a top knot. Or you have to do a search to find out Cheryl Cole’s name (US X Factor judge 1 or 2 episodes, season 1), so you can google how to get her make-up look.

Cheryl Cole makes it so easy because you can browse through videos and pictures to find these things and let’s be honest, we really don’t knowwhat we want or “need” until we see it.  If you have a curious bone in your body when it comes to anything beauty related, if you are one to experiment with looks or are figuringout how to change your look, then like me, you will become obsessed with

Go into the Talk salon to weigh in on topics such as your favorite Drugstore mascara, deep conditioner suggestions, how do I keep my acrylics on or HELP for an acne problem. Give your advice or learn some tricks and communicate with like minds. Read Articles ranging from beauty news, wellness, style, product features and of course, celebrity. Raid the boutique to shop monthly exclusives, brand favorites and special collections. Read community reviews about products that are new to you and review products you can vouch for. Get inspired, get creative, get beautified, go to….

By the way they’re not paying me, I’vejust become obsessed!

Written by harveyc516154850