By day, Tel Aviv is known as the “white city,” but at night, it’s all about flashing lights, dark underground spots, and secret entrances. Being from the Hollywood scene, I’m used to the best of the best, but after an exclusive tour of what’s what in the scene lead by hostess with the mostess, the ever stylish Einat Rotfus, I have to say, Tel Aviv takes the cake, and the kandy 😉 Below is a mix of places visited between two nights out in the city. Spend a little time or a lot of time in all of them, you’re sure to have a blast.

[highlight color=”pink”] WHERE TO GO FOR COCKTAILS & FOOD [/highlight]

We started off our evening at Suramare, known for Drinks & Happy Food, as the neon sign hanging in its basement entrance states as soon as you walk in.


Located in the center of Tel Aviv on a 10th floor rooftop, Suramare is not a place, not just another location, but a “personality,” and in my opinion, it’s a personality worth getting to know.

Here’s a view from the rooftop as featured on Suramare’s Facebook page :


The fantastic and eccentric owner, who served us amazingly delicious cocktails, somehow also managed to take a selfie on my phone 😉 Next time I’m going to take a selfie with him!


We did manage to take one in the elevator though – meet my fab crew!


Next on the agenda… Ladies & Gentlemen, if you’re looking for the most beautiful bar crowd and some sweetly delicious cocktails, stop by Zou Bisou and say hello to my favorite bartender, Ben. He’ll make you a great drink (or 5) and be sure to order the Pomegranate Margarita as pictured below, with an extra splash of tequila and an extra kiss on your napkin 😉


 At Zou Bisou I discovered one of the best DJs I’ve heard in a while. From Whitney Houston to Ja Rule and all of the modern jams, he knew how to mix it up! I literally couldn’t stop dancing the entire time.  Check him out on Insta @SEANDORON.

Zou Bisou is inspired by Mad Men and New York in the 1950s and 1960s, the place is RSVP only, and from the decor to the cool peeps, it’s not to be missed.


Polly was a fun spot off one of Tel Aviv’s main roads, Rothschild Blvd, where you can enjoy drinks outside under a lovely tree, or play pool in the dark high-top inside. Our group took down a round of shots and posed with some of the rad decor. That’s me with the funky old school tv and the eclectic movie posters in the background! It’s a great place for pre-gaming or chill drinks and pool with friends. Click here to find out more.


 Right down the street from Polly, ARIA offered a slightly more sophisticated vibe. ARIA is known for its unique first floor bar and second floor restaurant with top notch cocktails and service.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.29.04 PM

Photo from Aria’s website

The restaurant menu was created by Chef Guy Gamzu, who is considered one of the promising young chefs of Tel Aviv. I was getting Rodger Room vibes with a mix of Huston Brothers thrown in if we’re talking in LA terms. In other words : great place! Check their website here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.28.44 PM

Photo from Aria’s website.

Other recommendations while on the town are Jimmy Who? which transforms from big – bar into a Mini Club, and Penguin Club, where underground parties go all night long… where this photo below was taken! 



[highlight color=”purple”] WHERE TO DANCE ALL NIGHT  [/highlight]

One of my favorite places of all was Kuli Alma. Multiple levels, tons of music choices, great crowd and even an art show. The entrance was packed and so was the inside, going down the stairs into the crowd almost felt like the scene of a movie, a fun one that you would want to be in full of dancing, smoking and fabulously colorful people.


My first inclination was to head into one of the side rooms where a more hip hop vibe was in the air, we danced there for a bit and headed over to the upper area where we met these fantastic artist who were showcasing their work. Apparently Kuli Alma has really good pizza too…  I Googled the place and even TripAdvisor gave it 5 stars. So, duh, go check it out. 😉


The Cat and The Dog. When you hear the name, you think, ok, this sounds like a standard mega club. Which it sort of was, but boy was it fun.


We went here with our favorite chef from one of Tel Aviv’s top restaurants Vicky Christina (watch for that post coming soon!). The owner of the club took us down to show the gut of the building, which was blurry but beautiful in my eyes at the time, but I gauged multi levels, mischief and a guaranteed good time. Vegas vibes, lots of interesting people and even a souvenir hat. Would I come back? 100%. Check their website to get into the groove.


My girl Jenny and me rocking our Cat & Dog merch.

 Breakfast Club. The name suits it well because here you can dance till breakfast, and beyond. On their Facebook page it proudly states, the place where the sun never shines. Located in a basement on Rothchild, I don’t even have any photos to show you, but I can tell you the dancing was EPIC. If you’re feeling it, go there. <3

Bootleg is also a club quite deserving of the name.  Located on King George near Dizengoff Street, it reminds me of some of the underground scene back at home, and was often compared to The Cat and The Dog when I asked the locals. I’m kind of stoked to have discovered their SoundCloud page, and I will be following so I can keep the party going until I get back to Israel.

Until then… Tel Aviv, I love you! Thanks for showing me a great time 🙂


Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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