One of my favorite travel quotes is the one by St. Augustine, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.” For those who haven’t had the chance to turn the pages of their lives by taking a trip in a while, or ever for that matter; the LA Travel & Adventure Show is the perfect place to travel the world without leaving the building.




From Fiji to Nepal, Mexico to Korea, representatives presented their new offerings, trips and adventures. I was happy to meet some wonderful people from favorite past travel destinations as well as from places I am keen to visit in the future.



The Tokyo Metropolitan Government served iced green tea and traditional Japanese sweets. We’re very excited that Japan is the host country of the 2020 Olympics!

I received a warm welcome from the Balinese dancers, and really loved their vibrant traditional costumes, especially the nails!


The group from Tourism Fiji gave show goers a big “Bula” and presented 333 tropical islands and some of the world’s most luxurious, private-island resorts, top spas, culinary experiences and outdoor adventure opportunities.



I visited with reps from Thailand, China and Cambodia and received warm welcomes from all. There were also plenty of opportunities to sign up for time share 😉 I do hope I win that trip to Cancun!


One of the main factors that I uncovered at almost every booth I visited was how much the media can hurt travel to other countries. When the typhoon happened in Fiji or the earthquake in Nepal, the events were presented in a manner that instilled fear into readers and viewers. These events shouldn’t be a reason to NOT travel to these places, and all the more reason to plan a visit! Our global family needs our help to spread the word that increasing harmony in the world is done by welcoming life with open arms, not by avoiding people and places with fear.


Thanks to the wonderful team at the LA Travel & Adventure Show for putting on such a lovely event. Can’t wait for next time! If you have any questions about travel or are looking to plan an exciting adventure of your own, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m happy to help 🙂 Bon voyage!

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers is the founder of TGIFguide. She uses her innate skills as a natural “connector” to serve businesses, brands and individuals in the LA area and beyond.