This week on TGIFguide we’re super excited to be giving away an amazingly stylish and versatile Long Shawl from Shawl Dawls!! Did you enter to win yet?! The GIVEAWAY ends this Sunday!

Besides scoring a fabulous prize, we also scored an interview with the creators of this style necessity.  Check it out here!

Everyone needs something they can wear multiple ways, what inspired you to create the Shawl Dawl? 

We were inspired after shopping one day and spotting a cute shawl on the rack, and the thought then occurred to us that shawls are such a practical, fashionable, and versatile staple piece that every woman should have!  Being the fashion entrepreneurs that we are, we figured that it would be a great idea to build a line around shawls, and Shawl Dawls was born.  We consider ourselves fashion innovators, taking the shawl, which typically a more mature woman would wear, and making it a contemporary piece that ladies of all ages can stylishly wear.  Our “Dawls”, as we like to call them, range in age from teens to grannys!  There is a style for everyone.

We love the fringe trim and the animal printed designs, tell us about your favorite way to wear it and favorite kinds of fabrications that it comes in.

Our current favorite way to wear it is as a poncho (not to be confused with our Poncho Shawl), which can be done with any Long Shawl, Short Knit Shawl, and Fringe Cut Shawl.  Just stick your head through one armhole and one of your arms through the other armhole and Voila! – a chic asymmetrical poncho that is sure to turn heads!  As far as favorite fabrications, there is just too many to choose from!  We carry 30+ colors at a time and  change our colors/fabrications with every production run, and the bulk of our colors are limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Tiger - Limited Edition Shawl

What’s a Shawl Soiree? 

A fun and fashionable gathering where the 15+ looks of our convertible Shawls are demonstrated and Dawls get the chance to cultivate their fashion creativity and confidence!  For more information, please see “Host a Shawl Soiree” tab at

Sheer Shawl

What kinds of designs can we expect in the future? Will there ever be a Shawl Dawl accessories or clothing line? 

Be on the lookout for more convertible and versatile pieces, novel styling ideas, and new shawl designs such as our convertible Cropped Shawl – coming very soon!  Shawl Dawls accessories currently consists of our button brooches – a fun accent for shawl styling – and we may come out with a belt line some time in the future 🙂

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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