I have been in need of a facial for a while now, in fact my last one was about 8 months ago. I usually feel a bit guilty about taking half a day to pamper myself, plus the expense is tough for me to justify. I was able to experience a new solution to both these issues, The Face Bar LA.

For an affordable $69.00, I was given a full facial with peel. They also offer an even more budget friendly Glow on the Go option which includes a 20 minute facial sans the peel for $49.00.


Tamiko, my aesthetician greeted me and guided me to a middle chair. My hair was pulled back and she began by steaming my face to open the pores. This was followed by some extractions and then the exfoliation. This was actually a very painful process, but knowing that beauty is pain, I bit my lip and dealt with it.


Tamiko then applied a customized acid peel which she explained was a combination of Kojiac, Lactic, TCA acids to brighten the skin. The collagen roller and oxygen treatment felt amazing and was very soothing to my fragile skin. Finally the peel was applied, and I was instructed to leave this on for 8 hours. With the promise of beautiful skin being revealed in a few days, this seemed like a fair amount of time. I went ahead and got the after care kit with the sunscreen which I really recommend; if you end up buying any products at all, the sunscreen should be your first buy.


On the third day, exactly 72 hours from my treatment I did start to peel. Of course I was on a plane and unable to exfoliate in the tiny bathroom of the aircraft so I applied a bit more coconut oil my alternative to the petroleum based moisturizer.


As for results, I did notice some lightening of my freckles, but most noticeable was my skin was glowing and more radiant. I am excited to try the “Glow on the Go” next time I visit!

For more information visit TheFaceBar.LA


Written by gaileichhorn