Packing for a coast-to-coast coach tour can be tricky. Bring too many bags and you will regret it, but if you don’t have enough it can make for a very uncomfortable trip. So what are you going to do, and how much is too much? Read these tips to get the lowdown..

[highlight color=”pink”] Sensible Clothes [/highlight]    As you will be traveling around in a coach, you are going to be sitting down a lot. Your clothes will crease easily, so there is little point in wearing your latest Armani suit. Traveling from coast to coast is an amazing experience, but it’s no place for your best clothes! Pick plain colors that won’t emphasize those creases, and make sure they are comfortable enough for traveling for long periods.


[highlight color=”pink”] Info Sheet [/highlight]    Make your own itinerary sheet and write down all the valuable information you are going to need. Think about where you are going to stay on the trip. Use a hotel finder before you go and jot down all the details of where you are staying and potential replacements. Add in places of interest that you want to see so that you don’t miss anything. Once you get started on a coach tour it can be easy to forget things – and your info sheet will prompt you.

[highlight color=”pink”] Small Bags [/highlight]   You don’t want to be dragging heavy suitcases around with you every time you stop for an overnight stay, so bring a small bag and pack wisely. Try rolling your clothes instead of folding them, and bring only one pair of shoes. You can take them off on the bus so they will (hopefully) stay fresh. A good backpack is ideal, as it will allow you to make use of the many different compartments for washing kits, medication, tickets and passports etc.



[highlight color=”pink”] Good Quality Jacket [/highlight]  Ideally, you want to bring a good quality jacket that can double up for evenings, cold days, and wet weather. Don’t forget that you will be traveling through different weather systems, so will need a bit of everything! Look into getting a coat with a detachable inner, so you can adapt it to your surroundings.

[highlight color=”pink”] Lots of Layers [/highlight]   Going away for several weeks can take you through some changeable weather conditions, so be prepared by bringing clothes that you can layer up. A light sweater can be great for fine evenings, but also provides some warmth underneath a quilted jacket during a cold snap.

[highlight color=”pink”] Medication [/highlight]    If you have specialized medication, make sure you have enough for any eventuality, especially if your tour takes you through some remote places. You never know what might happen, so always be prepared. Simple painkillers should be brought by everyone – even if you don’t use them, there might be someone on board who could benefit.

[highlight color=”pink”] No Books [/highlight]    Books are heavy and inconvenient, so leave them at home. Bring a tablet or Kindle instead, or just get a good reading app for your phone. You’ll save space and the lighter weight will be appreciated when you get off the coach for a trek.

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[highlight color=”pink”] Travel Size Everything [/highlight]  Save space in your bag by stocking up on travel size washing products, toothpaste, lotions and creams. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen – you will be out and about more than you might think!

[highlight color=”pink”] Share Luggage [/highlight]   If you are traveling with a partner, split up all your belongings so you are only taking one of everything. It’s a good idea to take one credit or debit card each, so if one goes missing you will have some backup.

Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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