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Inspired by the Toms Shoes and EyeWear business, three sisters started the Cayetano Legacy Collection, a fashion label which focuses on creating classic yet modern women’s accessories, including jewelry, and soon, handbags!

Karen Cayetano Leano, Gail Cayetano and Christine Cayetano Brigino knew that they wanted to give something back to the world, and set out to do it once they realized there was a need for women’s jewelry and handbags showcasing the beautifully sourced material from the Philippine Islands. We’re talking genuine stones such as jade, amethyst, citrine and pearls! There is definitely a need.

CLC, which celebrates its first anniversary this month, has put the Philippines, a country more known for its poverty rather than its fashion statements, on the style map, setting the country up for a much needed economic boost.  The brand not only gives back to the Philippine Islands by sourcing material from there, but the sisters also partner with the country’s programs which train Filipino citizens to construct their designs, which creates more jobs.

Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Christine Brigino says, “Yes it’s cheaper and faster to utilize the resources of other countries that are more efficient in the manufacturing process, but we created this company on the basis that we would do everything we could to keep the process in the Philippines. When presented with this training program opportunity, we realized we could do more than we initially thought – this was a way to truly help boost the economy there.”

Here are some of our favorite pieces:

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Written by Jacqueline Chambers

Jacqueline Chambers

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