You wake up, put on your outfit for the day, and you have an idea.

You want to break the rules. And this rule-breaking involves fast food.

Since when was fast food fabulous?

The minute this Burger King ad from the Netherlands hit the public. Despite the fact that most health-conscious fashion fans don’t believe in drive-thrus, this  beauty statement might actually end up having some draw. It’s definitely intriguing, to say the least. TGIF’ers haven’t had a Whopper since we can remember, but something about that make-up makes us want to try at least one.

Something that this ad- with “The King” definitely didn’t do.

Who could have ever imagined that the fashion-conscious might be a target market for Burger King? While the bun, lettuce, burger, cheese, ketchup and mustard details are quite scrumptious in terms of make-up, but how tempting do you think the ad really is?

What do you think of the “Tasty new look?”

Let us know if you were persuaded to try this burger, or if you would prefer only the make-up.

Maybe nail art?




Written by edisonfitzpatric